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White Phosphorus As Chemical Weapons

Maybe creative definitions of WP can make all the difference for conservative thinkers.

By Roy D. Follendore III

Copyright (c) 2005 by RDFollendoreIII

November 16, 2005

Apparently our military commanders don't really intend to actually hurt anyone when they order them to fire White Phosphorus (WP) into Iraqi buildings. Under international agreements the use of WP chemicals are allowable in war as a means of producing smoke and illumination but they are illegally used when they are used to against enemy personnel. 

What a dilemma our Bush military and politicians  must be having with this issue! Perhaps they might want to use the argument that White Phosphorus is being used to 'light-up' enemy emplacements by creating human torches.   If that doesn't sound plausible then maybe they could say that when the enemy run around on fire produce the best defensive smoke patterns. An added advantage of course is that all of that screaming prevents the rest of the rest of the Iraqi citizens from hearing our noble troops while they arrive to liberate them.

Still another potential defense of the use of White Phosphorus for weapons by our President might be that the main component of the chemical should not 'really' be consider as a chemical as much as it is an 'element.' In fact White Phosphorus isn't really a bad thing to use in combat, it is just the friends that it associates with that makes it so bad. After all, without that other element called Oxygen, White Phosphorus can not burn.

But come to think of it, why should America be at all concerned with the violation of military regulations and international conventions on the use of chemical weapons in warfare. After all as a nation we have been in support of this regimes decisions to invade a nation without provocation. We have an administration who continues to support support our country's use secret prisons and the use of torture. Apparently under new policies, our 'conservative' President has even awarded himself the privilege to nuke any nation that he sees fit. Apparently the religious right supports him on that because he said that God told him to do it. I think that it is so nice and convenient when a sitting President goes around saying things like that. 

Yep, we Americans should have no problem with the use of WP by our combat, just as long as they are not used against us of course!  After all, most of the other decisions that our leaders have been making since the 'conservative' thinkers have been running around being 'conservative' seem to make any more sense.

Sometimes I wish I were a conservative so that I could understand why they think they are any better than the liberal thinkers.

One more thing, here is a great idea for the arms makers of America.  We could develop a slower acting chemical weapon that chokes the enemy until they are either dead or they come out to be shot dead by a waiting helicopter gunship. Oh, sorry, that right I forgot, that idea is already being used and it is called tear gas. On second thought maybe Cheney and Rumsfeld should just refer to WP as warmer and more compassionate version of nerve gas.







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