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Why the concept of

Victory In Iraq Sucks

By Roy D. Follendore III

Copyright (c) by RDFollendoreIII

January 1, 2005

 I happen to be a veteran, a former enlisted man, a retired Army Officer, ex CIA and I have earned my right to say that what is being done to our United States troops in the name of fighting terrorism is deplorable. 

Iraq was a mistake on the part of the American Congress and because of the intentional misleading statements, lies and negligence that was involved in getting approval for the war it should be treated as a crime perpetrated on the American people. The last time that I heard it still is a crime to give false testimony to the Congress. I believe that there is enough evidence.  What we don't have is a nonpartisan Congress that is willing to stand up for justice. If our system of checks and balances can't bring this President to impeachment proceedings for what he has done then why should the American people believe that the Government in Iraq which we installed can or should stand for justice?

The United States Military has been fighting a useless war in Iraq. By now well over two thousand of our servicemen have now been killed and our wounded are in the tens of thousands. The war in Iraq can not be won and regardless of what the President now says, because there is no real plan for victory.  There can be no path to victory in Iraq because the Iraqi people are a divided people.  To give one faction propriety over the other, even through a democratic process is unacceptable to them. Within our lifetime, Iraq is and always will remain a tribal state.  It is not a United States and our military leaders made a tremendous mistake when they did not understand this.

The people in the region we have inserted our forces are willing to blindly fight and die first for the honor of their family, their tribe and lastly for their country, in that order.  This means that the Iraq war is never really going to come to an end until it rips itself apart, and even then the local animosities will continue. America is blinded by the idea that religion is the root cause of the havoc. Within the Middle East the various religious justifications are not the causes of the internal violence, but are the codified set of tribal expectations. "We are the chosen people of God!" can be interpreted into "Our tribe has the mandate from God to make the decisions and other tribes do not!"

Of course the diplomats and the intelligence agencies knew this because this is their job to know this. The very idea that they might have somehow been blinded by belief in phony intelligence reports is an astonishing admission of negligence.  In fact, anyone who has lived in the middle east for a few months knew this. Any sane individual could get the scope of the problem of imposing democracy on Iraq by looking at the density of the cities, the area of the land and the number of people involved in war over the last two decades. The truth is that it has been common knowledge that about the only thing that held Iraq together was the iron hand of Saddam Hussein. Take Saddam out and there would be civil war. The obvious question is why didn't the President, Congress and the Joint Chief's of Staff seem to know these things?

As the average soldier in Iraq knows perfectly well, the war in Iraq sucks. It is a war that was initiated under false pretenses. But perhaps more important, it was intended to take down an old adversary of the President and in this way it is in fact a tribal dispute that was extended to the United States. There is no light at the end of this tunnel. There is no path to victory. There is no righteous side on which America may stand. It is our self righteous leaders in our country that have made decisions to go to war for the American people. The decisions to make war was based on the seeds of deceit and the fruits of that deceit.  These decisions have tarnished our capability to make peace in the world and have been made are growing into the foundations of our nation. America is continuing to send our troops to fight because of fear, not because of hope, and we have every right to be afraid of what we have done.

What our politicians and the military are most fearful of is the fact that Iraq is to the United States, what Afghanistan was to the Soviet Union and they have every right to be to be afraid. This war is shaking the foundations of America, our system of checks and balances and our Constitution. It is the very fabric of our nation which has been put at risk by the greedy, the rich and the powerful who at the very least were more idealistic than wise, who believed more in rhetoric than reality, and who directed more than listened.                   

Every day our troops are put into harms way to fight and to die for absolutely nothing!  I happen to be an American who supports our troops and because of this I believe that this great nation of the United States will as it must stand up and say no!  The hand that has been dealt to our forces was rotten before it began. By occupying their land with our forces, we are withholding the very thing that we have said that we wanted to give.  At this point we also need to think about our own needs. We need to recover, rebuild and redeploy our spent forces.

Within every war both the victor and the defeated are forced to learn tragic lessons. We could have done things right.  We could have done things better. We Americans are at a crucial point in our history where we must begin to do things both right and better. This starts with immediately withdrawing our troop and putting them into better strategic positions where they are no longer regarded as the cause of the Iraqi problems.  The cost of this victory in Iraq at all costs is too high! If the the casualties that our nation has sustained during this war is to be meaningful then we must end it now and let the Iraqi people sort things out for themselves.

There is no other way to put this more clearly.  If this ongoing occupation of Iraq is to be called a victory then....

Victory in Iraq sucks!   




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