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What Gives the United States the Right to Police the World?

By Roy D. Follendore III

Copyright 2001 RDFollendoreIII

October 25, 2001

Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld is talking about Global Command and like the term "infinite justice" something appears to be terribly wrong with these words.    

The World is not made up of only US citizens, and it is not just US citizens that have human rights.  Moreover, America is not the largest country in size nor does it have the largest population.  The US  literacy rate is not the highest in the World nor is our morality necessarily of the highest standards.  We may consider ourselves a free Nation; but particularly when our Great Nation becomes fearful, we as a Nation have a history of systematically denying our citizens basic human rights.  

America is a Nation made up of immigrants and yet the United States has a policy of locking up people  for years without so much as a trial who want to immigrate.  While freedom of speech may be Constitutionally protected, the freedom to speak has been effectively limited because the United States does not recognize a right to human privacy.  (There can be no doubt that Freedom of Speech is severely limited without a concept of privacy.  If you don't believe that then try using a megaphone in a mall to talk with your spouse about your intimate problems.)  

If the human race is to ultimately work together in harmony, it must be able to communicate without fear. People must have faces with rights, not just nationalities. Bombs can not replace bargaining.  And the ideals of the Founding Fathers should be open to all, not be held hostage to the fears induced by terror or the opportunists of politicians.  Locking America up does not protect us from the Universe. This Planet we call Earth is diverse and complex.  America is not one thing, it is many things good and bad.   America is not the World master, it is a citizen among nations.  The human race lives in many environments with many value systems. There is no single right and just plan for all.  

The question is no longer if individuals have weapons of mass destruction.  The simple facts that are  being ignored by our leadership is that technology exists outside of Government as knowledge and it is the nature of war that knowledge can and always will be capable of use for mass destruction. This knowledge genie can not be put back into the bottle, it must be turned and used in a positive way to coexist.  The human race is living within the same bubble so that individuals and groups are equal.  If individual human beings or Governments choose to destroy the very air we all breathe by piercing its surface, we suffer the consequences equally.  

The President of the United States does not command America by permission of God, the President leads by permission of its citizens.  Our leaders, like the leaders of the rest of the world need to come to terms with the simple fact that there is no way to "Command" this beautiful "Globe" without destroying it.    




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