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Trusting American Workers

The True American Patriotism

By Roy D. Follendore III

Copyright (c) 2001 by RDFollendoreIII


December 30, 2001

Last year, I visited a major city in Tennessee.  While I was there I went to a Chamber of Commerce presentation on technology.  The Dean of the Business School of the local University was there speaking about the importance of foreign technology expertise.  He said something to the effect that India has the most intelligent computer programmers.  He said that they work longer and harder at what they do.  He said that the city needed to sponsor Indians into the country under immigration work permits in order to advance the regional technology.  

I have heard this before.  At Electronic Data Systems (EDS) they seemed to have the same idea.  They decided that it was far easier to outsource the billing of their entire company to India.  As you read this, many of the most important and sensitive  accounts are now being billed overseas.  This decision was not made because of the reasons described by the University Dean.   The decision was made because it was cheaper.  From a computers perspective it makes no digital difference if the billing process is handled in the United States or on the other side of the earth.

Maybe it doesn't matter. However what does matter is that in order for billing to take place, information about the processing has to be accessed.  Someone forgot to explain to EDS executives that a careful analysis of billing can tell a lot about an organization.  This is called traffic analysis.  To do its job, billing must have deep access privileges.  Billing also says what client companies are about and because of this it is corporate the family jewels.  Maybe Indian programmers are better and cheaper at what they do. Maybe it does not matter to the computer where the processing takes place.  But maybe, just maybe it does.

Right now, massing on both sides of the border of India and Pakistan are hundreds of thousands of troops with everything from artillery, troops and tanks to jet bombers and nuclear weapons.  In the next week there may not be a single computer in operation.  A single magnetic pulse from a nuclear explosion in the atmosphere can fry every computer in their country. Of course the same thing can happen here, but of course there is there and here is here.  If it happens there and the United States remains in business then the disruption would be tremendous for EDS.   If the same thing were to happen here then all business would be interrupted unilaterally.  It just isn't the same thing.  

The problem this most exemplifies involves the interests of American business security.  This is about Americans maintaining control over their jobs and about American businesses maintaining control over their business.  When you get right down to it, while there is a global economy, there are national interests at stake.  This is a meaningful subject that needs to picked up.  It is meaningful for our nations businesses to maintain their investments in Americans and in America.  The idea of a single world economy ignores the importance of economic diversity and therefore ignores the very principles of evolution. The rest of the world does not work the way that we do and the fact is that for the welfare of all they shouldn't.  Simply continuing to sing God Bless America after we Americans have allowed foreign interests to rape and pillage our land and our economy is false patriotism.

America had taken pride in assuring that this land has offered people from all cultures to succeed here.  It is about time that the word gets out that the best Indian programmers are citizens of America.  The Dean of the Business School at that University was dead wrong just as EDS is wrong with their business decisions.  The dean is still with that University and I still think that his words were ludicrous.  However, I know for certain that EDS is still headed by out of touch executives in their gold plated ivory towers.                                   

It is time for Boards of Directors of American Corporations to unite for the interests of this United States which gave them and their companies so much.  To do this we simply have to stop killing the golden geese. The Boards should get rid of the misfit executives with million dollar bonuses that look out for themselves at the exclusion of their corporate morale and put human beings in there that can do the job of making profits without exploiting and destroying the American employee.  We have to believe in the Americans and America.




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