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Tides of Courage

By Roy D. Follendore III

Copyright (c) 2001 by RDFollendoreIII

November 13, 2001

Things seem strange in America right now.  Has time gone backwards to 1940? Is it OK to have secret military trials?  Do people foreign to the United States have rights?  Do we really think that an honest and democratic government will exist in Afghanistan?  Does anyone know why Afghanistan is really not Russia's Vietnam? Does anyone understand where the term "Masterly Inaction" first arose?  Does anyone recognize the term "The Great Game"? Does anyone read history?

Maybe I am the only one on this great blue planet that does not appreciate the value in the idea of large-scale Governmental court actions taking place in  total military secrecy.   Please don't get me wrong.  I have no great pity for terrorists and  I love my country.  I love the American Constitution.   I have faith that there is a reason for the court system.  I believe in checks and balances.  I believe in fair trials. I may not be a lawyer, but  I just know for a fact that secrecy breeds secrecy.  

So color me skeptical.  If there is a justification,  then secrecy is preventing Americans from understanding.  Communication is not taking place.  The Government is not doing a good enough job communicating with its citizens.  Maybe it is this reason that I just can't believe that the process of decision making that has been going down in a vacuum and fear is constitutional.  

There are some basic things that I do know for certain.   For every action there is a reaction.  For every push, there is a shove.   If truth exists then the grass roots public will eventually catch on to the truth.  Tides always turn.  If Americans have the courage, then the future of America will include large scale protests about these issues.  I don't understand why good and honest leaders don't understand this.  I guess it is their tide. 




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