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The Single Strand

By Roy D. Follendore III

Copyright 2006 by RDFollendoreIII



Age has born to me this simple thought

that two engrained as one should

with understanding ought

to know the means through which

they came and stuck fast together.


Where such have laid aside their egotism

they have also shared wit and wisdom,

that only naivety could have born

to that one truth that exists naked under cover

and is such a solitary witness to the value of their sharing.


When such as we may the age of time seek remorse

from narrow spaces between our thoughts

when our memory breeds those sticks, mud and stones

that make our dams which hold back the years,

so that we may laugh at each wrinkle, and blemish.


It should be enough for you, me or us to realize

that to know we have aged just well enough,

journeyed well through these indeterminate dimensions together,

complementing each others vanity and have emerged

through precarious winds of both fair and adverse weather.


We both know well that the affections of eternal physical lines

are not the products of youth, wisdom or wine

and that none of these can be considered absolute nor straight

though they may come from the heart

they can not carry the faults of loves full weight.


An so thus I simply ask you please my love

do not despise my early grey hair,

for at some yet unknown date

you may chance to find a single strand

And if so hopefully regret I am not there.





Copyright (c) 2001-2007 RDFollendoreIII All Rights Reserved