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That Simple Question of National Security

that question that the public media does not seem willing to talk about...


By Roy D. Follendore III

Copyright (c) 2005 by RDFollendoreIII

August 17, 2005

There are a fundamental and troublesome questions that seems to have been avoided and ignored by media and public scrutiny.  The question not only has to do with the the critical information and lack of actions that might have prevented the 911 terrorist events. Of course we knew the leadership of the 911 terrorists.  This had became public knowledge that there was a plot to destroy the World Trade Center the first time that it was bombed. 

The questions that are so important have more to do with gaps in our leadership continuity to be able deal with these problems.

With respect to the subsequent events of 911, the interests of National Security seemed to have been ignored during the rush for the Presidential transfer of power?  Did the the process of replacing bureaucrats with Bush Federal political appointees and the distrust of Clinton appointees have the effect of destabilizing America's National Security?

Why aren't basic things like the appropriate and accountable transfer of problems considered important to our National Security?

They should have been and they should be and yet it remains doubtful that they are.



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