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The Office of the Chief Torturer

By Roy D. Follendore III

Copyright (c) 2005 by RDFollendoreIII

Within this article I write through a false conservative mindset that torture can be a good concept to recognize and institutionalize within America.

January 5, 2005

There is a great man to whom you need to be introduced if you have not been already. As has been reported in the news, Mr. Gonzales is the originating author of the legal opinion that  torture is rightfully a part of official United States Federal prisoner interrogation policies. Forty nine year old Alberto R. Gonzales is also the man who our elected President has selected to be the next Attorney General of the United States.  Since George W. Bush was the Governor of Texas, Gonzales has been the man whom our President has depended upon to provide him with the Latino perspective. He is obviously a man who believes in the President and in America. From the perspective of some Democratic 'Bush Bashers,' the problem with Mr. Gonzales is that he does not believe in the limitation of the Office of the President or in 'liberal' American values.    

Instead, by benefiting from what some may see as ancient Inca values, Alberto has already successfully argued within the Bush administration that death is the difference between torture and execution. His gallant internal effort to create new policies and carefully define and overcome the traditional meaning of torture is part of what lead to his selection to be the Attorney General of the United States.  There is no doubt that Alberto knows how to create new meanings by redefining ideas in order to meet the Presidential objectives. 

Suppose these liberals were to take the time to go with the flow of Alberto's ideas. Maybe they could then better appreciate and perhaps find some merit to his ideas. There is obviously great economic incentive for the institutionalization of torture within our American system of justice. Within a year, our overburdened justice system could rapidly be flushed out. We could eliminate the need for witnesses to swearing an oath to give 'the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth' and plea bargaining would be completely revolutionized.

With the leadership of 'Attorney General Gonzales,' all Americans could live in a country where it would be virtually impossible to have a crime without punishment. By carefully managing torture techniques America could have one, two or three confessions for each and every crime that is committed.  It would even be possible to take cold case crimes off the books. We could identify and execute the conspirators who assassinated President Kennedy in Dallas Texas.  The murderer of O.J. Simpson's wife could be instantly found and brought to trial. All of this could be brought forward within the next four years of the Bush administration with fairness and equal justice for all.   

The first thing that we need to make sure of is that the term 'torture' has been properly defined. One of the most important things about our Federal Government is its fair division of labor.  Of course in complete accordance with the Bush-Gonzales's doctrine, institutionalized torture can be based on the category of the crime.  We understand through the Bush-Gonzales policy opinions that torture ends with the organ failure and death of the subject being tortured.  This is not to say that the Bush-Gonzales doctrine is prohibitively limiting future options. It is possible to extend this policy as necessary and as is scientifically possible.  Limited scientific research in this area would need to be funded. On the outer edge, the temporary surgical removal of an organ could prevent it's failure and therefore extend the policy boundaries. It would be necessary of course for President Bush to have the final say in any of these decisions. After all, in order to remain effective as the President, Mr. Bush is ultimately responsible for making sure that his administration continues to operate without internal conflict.

Perhaps the primary criticism that some within the President's inner circle may have is there are levels below this point that are now well defined.  On the inner edge of a national torture administration, the Federal Government must choose a standardized system of color coding, that is in line with the familiar terror alert program. The various united branches of the Departments of Homeland Security could manage the jurisdictional color coded program at the local levels. In order to protect the young and elderly public from undue potential horror, the Orange and Red levels of torture program would work very well with the newly proposed secret Federal Prison systems that have been proposed by the CIA.     

Please keep in mind that we are talking about what is already a well organized operational Federal structure even though there is also plenty of room left for local community participation. The need for the regulation of our new national torture policies is why ' The Office of the Chief Torturer' under the Attorney General's will become so necessary.  At the lower levels of a mandated color coded torture system, the Federal Government could give out torture licenses and corporations could offer torture certifications. Low cost torture kits could even be issued directly to Police Officers or directly purchased through their local departments as though they were radar guns, alcohol breath tests, and Tasers. Selected Police Officers could be sent to annual torture camp at a National Torture Headquarters to be located near Quantico in beautiful Northern Virginia.  These officers would learn the latest torture techniques by not only practicing on each other, but by using volunteer indefinite 'detainees' in Guantanamo, Cuba. These highly experienced subjects would not only be able to participate in torturous interrogations, they would also be able to provide the necessary and valuable action critique.  

Who knows, once the official use of torture has been proven effective within law enforcement, social services could also benefit. Alcoholics, homosexuals  and even unwed mothers could be persuaded to consider their lives in terms of being productive citizens. Perhaps even the disparaging persistence of nonconformity between the races could be eliminated and an enlightened religious America could shine through the cultures of the rest of the world, bring peace and conservative prosperity to all.

Author's Note: There is a tremendous impropriety with regard to the use of torture that is continuing to take place within America. Like slavery, it is a problem that once ingrained into the fabric of our institutional policies, is terribly difficult to eliminate. This is why the American public needs to be very careful about how we deal with those who, while in power and authority have intellectually advocated the use of torture. America should no more allow such a person access to public office than we should allow an individual who has advocated the institutionalization of slavery. Regardless of what that person might say, such a man's judgment can no longer be trusted, and the agenda and judgment of those who would advocate such a person should rightfully be suspect. Something is very wrong with the management of a system that would attempt to insert such a person as chief council of the Office of the President and the Federal Government.  

The institutional approval of individual terror through torture is just another way of saying that the ends justify the means. If terrorists are to be tortured for the benefit of a 'War on Terror,' then there must be a universally accepted definition of torture and terror, a definition that separates the actions of the terrorist from the non-terrorists.  If our nation is allowed to institutionalize the abuse or torture prisoners, or if our President or our Congress condones or supports official representatives who believe that the use of torture does not change the distinctions and definitions of terrorism then we are all standing on a slippery slope. I believe that there is no justification for institutionalizing the use of torture tactics to fight terror.

The house of the United States of America rests upon three fundamental pillars.  Freedom and Democracy can not stand without Justice and justice can not be brought about through fear of torture. I hope that this will help you consider the implications of the American value system that must be protected. There is a momentum to false conservative thinking that must be attenuated and it is moderate Republican Americans that must participate through leadership to prevent the future horrific vision from being further realized. At some point the Republican must be first and foremost an American. When all is said and done, neither the personal loyalty that exists between our President and Mr. Gonzales, nor the public fear that arises from acts from international terrorist are a good enough reasons to impose or institutionalize the specter of torture on our American Justice System. In this great issue, America must choose to avoid both the perception of impropriety as well as the reality.

It is for these reasons that the Congress and the People of the United States should not take into consideration, and nor should they believe the words that come from the mouth of Mr. Alberto R. Gonzales. This is a man who has already explained to us that he believes that international law, human rights and justice can be abridged. It stands to reason that there are  thousands of more qualified, far wiser and far more honest individuals standing in line within America that would deserve to be our Attorney General of the United State. The President and Congress should pick and approve one of them.

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