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The Isolation of America

By Roy D. Follendore III

Copyright (c) 2003 by RDFollendoreIII

America is increasingly being socially and culturally isolated from our good friends and neighbors in Canada and our friends and allies in Europe by the Bush administrations aggressive new evangelist foreign doctrines.  The leadership of the United States Government and the American people have chosen to ignore the needs and wishes of those who must live in the regions where these doctrines affect.  The reasons for this come from two events.  The first is of course the attacks of 911.  The second is the fact that America by the narrowest of margins and means has seen fit to elect a President who was able to hide his true nature, personality, and agenda.  The good news is that there is now less than two years left until this problem can be democratically remedied.  The bad news is that for America and the world we may continue to observe the continued decline of relations between ourselves our friends and our allies.   

January 31, 2003

You, Americas neighbors and allies should understand that the American psyche has been hurt by the terrorist attacks.  In this, our enemies have achieved all that they may have desired.  By attacking New York, they woke up the nested roots of deep seated hostility, fear, and anger that had been suppressed during the decades since Vietnam and the cold war.  By attacking our Pentagon they woke our powerful military establishment which lay dormant since Desert Storm.  The attacks on America not just destroyed the idea of American invulnerability but American immortality.  Our reaction to these threats may not have been wise or even completely rational, but it is completely understandable.

But the good news is that the political situation here appears to be changing.  The American people are beginning to recover and they appear to be mobilizing.  We citizens seem to be beginning to have a constructive dialogue.  Some are debating American leaders decisions instead of accepting that "our President will take care of things for us."  Many Americans have come to share the fears that our friends overseas are feeling and are beginning to appropriately respond.   

People here are beginning to take to the streets in peaceful protest and expression. Many Americans realize that America is not above world opinion and that we need our friends and allies. Because of this, many also realize that a threat of increasing isolation may not be a good thing, but it can be powerful and potentially constructive if done with good intentions. Just be aware that intentions are not always enough.  

While American intentions may be good, our means have not always been.  The same may be true for you.  The means by which our friends and allies may isolate America from world opinion is the same.  There can be greater strength and purpose in a soft persistent hand. As a people it is not weakness to say that we desperately need European and Canadian moral and intellectual feedback and support in our time crisis.  What I am saying is that many Americans are hearing you, listening to your constructive criticisms, and we thank you for that.  

Through your individual personal influence you can help us to shape our foreign policies from that of a global crusade of war on concepts to that of the enforcement of peace, tolerance, and understanding.  It is the economics of trusted moral responsibility that dictates that requirement, not just those things which America has given freely in the past.  In a broader sense, we are all a family of nations and American citizens consist of people from all of them.  If America is isolated, then in a tremendous number of ways, you our friends are also isolated.  America represents a vital European connection to all cultures everywhere.

What America is all about now is what we have become since we were attacked by terrorism.   The truth that we must jointly recognize in bridging our increasing isolation is that what we will be is in a large part is up to others. We Americans can and will change.  American opinions will change.  Our sense of global responsibility will once again become inclusive.  Hopefully our friends in Canada, England, France and Germany will once again respect our opinions and actions as well as trust our motives. 

In the meantime, just remember that there are human beings behind the concept of the word we call America. We Americans form many different opinions, we feel pain, and we also make mistakes.  When it comes time to fully embrace America once again for that positive change, please do with a symbolic gesture of encouragement  that we may all see and understand.  For the truth of the Isolation of America is that no nation can ever be truly isolated.  All nations are a part of that fragile deep blue globe that somehow continues to levitate within the black isolation of space.     




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