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The Institutionalization of America's Secret Prisons

By Roy D. Follendore III

Copyright (c) 2005 by RDFollendoreIII

January 2, 2005

If a recent article in Slate magazine is correct, the CIA is now proposing 'a long term solution' for prisoners that the President does not want to go through the judicial court systems. The idea on which this is based is that the President of the United States of America should have the right to hold  citizens of the world indefinitely, without notice and without legal representation or a right to a fair trial.  But this is a tired old idea upon through which great injustices have been perpetrated throughout history. If America follows through and institutionalizes creation and use of secret prison systems then we can claim to be no better than those whom our nation has abhorred and fought against in the past.

We should not allow the institutionalization of Secret Prisons. The CIA is wrong in planning and promoting this idea, just as it has been wrong in countless actions involving the care and administration of our national security.   The CIA should be in no way involved in the promotion of national issues involving criminal justice and our court system. This is an indication that the separation of powers has been and is being abridged.  It was by necessity that the CIA came to be a dangerous and capable espionage organization, one that has been designed to be so self-righteous and so potentially self-serving that should never be allowed to its powers inward, even for perceived good.  If Congress and the American people allow such an organization, regardless of their good intentions, to overstep their bounds in such things then democracy may become of little use to the American will.

In the final analysis, unless you happen to be one of those half wits who actually believes that everything the CIA and the President does is on the up and up, you will have to agree that giving the CIA it's own prison system outside of the boundaries of our traditional American jurisprudence is an awful idea. The Supreme Court, Congress, State Governments, the American public and every other sovereign government and citizen on earth have ever reason and right to fear this plan.  Those officials within the CIA who are promoting this plan should be held accountable.

People everywhere need to be writing and complaining publicly about this little jewel of a CIA stunt until the responsible authorities come to the realization that they either need to send their 'detainees' though the normal federal judicial process in order to convict and put them in Federal Prison for crimes, or release them.  Justice does not exist within a gulag.




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