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The Cheney Spin on Dishonesty

By Roy D. Follendore III

Copyright (c) by RDFollendoreIII

November 17, 2005

According to the Vice President of the United States, each time Americans accuse the Bush administration of lying to the American people about Iraq, it is they who are dishonest. Dick would have us all believe that he and his close friend Donald Rumsfeld were not aware of the well documented discrepancies in the Iraqi intelligence which Americans now know exist. Dick would have us to believe that it is the critics that create the problem. Dick would have us believe that dishonesty is in the eyes of the beholder. It would be an interesting philosophy if anyone were to actually able to believe Dick. At this point, everyone doubts that even George W. Bush believes Dick. One might even conclude that there is something truly wrong with Dick if Dick believes Dick. (Please forgive the poetic alliteration license.)

Cheney is obviously a powerful man but he is also an intellectual cripple who is incapable of actually changing his political course. Everyone realizes that he has become a liability to the last term of the President. More important, both he and the political vultures of Washington know that he is vulnerable as a political sacrifice and they are circling for the inevitable end of this less than sterling political career. The infamous Dick Cheney stone wall is crumbling because the inevitable rays of historical truth have been shining in his dark Vice Presidential cave.

The Cheney spin is exactly what it is; it is essentially a meaningless path that is meant to misdirect and it leads to itself.        




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