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The Bush Doctrine Of Unilateralism Means Globalism

How our American Cultural Revolution Reinforces the Need of Globalism

By Roy D. Follendore III

Copyright (c) 2003 By RDFollendoreIII

July 8, 2003

Maybe it just because we have forgotten that our President was elected through a hotly contested federal judicial process.  Perhaps we have forgotten that the majority of Americans did not vote for this man we have as our President.  The fact is that the administration of President George W. Bush has presented our country with nothing but turmoil.  Instead of the opportunities of progress and hope, he has proven to be a lightening rod for catastrophes and failures.  

We may choose to argue over who or what was responsible, but the there can be no argument that the events of 911 occurred on this President's watch. The President of the United States is responsible by both his action and inaction, his method and means, his execution and the perceptions that he presents to others.  The Office of President of the United States encapsulates a mythical ideal that is enormous in it's scope and grandeur.  The requirements of wisdom with respect to power means that the expected standards of leadership to which a President should be held should be far higher character than that of a General or a Corporate CEO.  A good President simply does not allow himself the option to operate from the position of personal fear or anger so that he puts Americans in danger and then touts our enemies to "bring it on."   

The worst flaw of Americans is that we tend to stand by our President unconditionally and with an almost unconditional regard to what we know in their hearts.  Anyone who does not believe that the United States is governed by the extreme right wing has certainly not been paying very good attention.  Our elected President George W. Bush has systematically blocked global environmental treaties on Global Warming, the World Court, United Nations Peace Keeping and WMD inspections. He has backed out of the SALT treaties and is in the process of reestablishing nuclear testing. He has coerced and attempted to coerce the leaders of countries who have disagreed with him.    We have even lost another space shuttle and endangered the International Space program because of this President's inability to ethically oversee, lead and inspire the NASA bureaucracy.

Our current President has instituted American policies and set precedents for unilateral invasions, and occupation with options of nuclear first strikes.  He has centralized the Federal Government and has initiated, endorsed and embraced laws that give the Presidency immense new powers.  The "Patriot" Act gives his office the ability to use the Federal Government to invade the privacy and eliminate the rights of any American under the pretense of fighting terrorism. He has garnered greater power by declaring a global war on  the "concept" of terrorism.  He has established the precedent of assassination by robotic remotely piloted devices utilizing guided missiles on civilian cars.  He has initiated and tested a weapons program that can greatly expand this capability by using lasers on ground targets. 

Through his Presidential authority George W. Bush has setup American military prisons outside of the United States, where foreign citizens may be seized in their own countries and indefinitely held without judicial rights.  He has established a military tribunal designed to execute those prisoners whom are convicted by military whom the Office of the President appoints and commands.  This avoidance of our American judicial system is this Presidents political means to an end.  It is a silent and Constitutionally dangerous power being allowed by the Supreme Court to exist in the hands of an expedient President who chose to invade a country, after having deliberately misled Congress with manipulated, fabricated and/or flawed intelligence.  Regardless of the merits of opposing and removing the regime of Saddam Hussein, the means have not justified the objectives of this administrations ends.  An apparent crime of this administration is the deliberate and intentional bypass of Congressional powers through illegal and unconstitutional means.  This requires a Presidential investigation that is as morally and Constitutionally warranted as Watergate. Where did we go wrong?

Maybe it starts with the simple fact that as a rule, cowboys don't exactly like to depend on others. Don't get me wrong, I like cowboys and I certainly approve of their motives for having a certain degree of independence.  But about the only thing that cowboys like more than feeling in control of a situation is being seen as being in control.  Underneath their exterior are the same strengths and weaknesses as everyone else.  The underlying problem is that like any static perspective, a cowboy philosophy can get in the way of pragmatic reality.  Some truly wise cowboys know and understand the potential of independent thinking to isolate. The cowboy philosopher Will Rogers was once quoted as saying, "Liberty don't work as good in practice as it does in speeches." 

One might think that a self centered "cowboy" in our White House would keep the opportunities of Globalism further away than ever.  After all, our President seems to have done just about everything that possible to block the idea of a democratic world society.  The fact is that this is not the case.  If anything, George W. Bush has underlined the necessity of America's commitment and contribution to Globalism for world stability.  The visible act of Bush's unilateral military and political actions has demonstrated that what he has been able to accomplish has been exceedingly small in comparison to the instability he has caused.  Will Rogers was a cowboy that definitely understood the instabilities of totalitarian minded Governments because he also said, "Be thankful that we are not getting all of the Government that we're paying for."  The importance of his personal views on freedom can also be reflected in his famous quote, "I am not a member of any organized political party.  I'm a Democrat."  So maybe it isn't the cowboy but rather the political "cowboyisms" from a politician like George W. Bush that leads us over the unilateral cliffs of isolationism in order to escape Globalism thinking.   

Maybe it is the fact that the sage wisdom of Will Rogers is not a universal trait among cowboys and that makes us feel so angry when we are betrayed by their style of leadership.  These rigid Republican cowboys seem more like flesh eating dinosaurs who must go out of office flashing teeth and vibrato as they eventually starve.  In the way of politics the people in this administration are much like the so called "dead enders" in Iraq that they like to speak so much about.  Like the dinosaurs, George has become more powerful, but unless the natural rules of history changes, the time that he and his people have to simultaneously exercise power and offer excuses is becoming limited. If we were to have had the opportunity to have witnessed the extinction of the dinosaurs, we may have observed that through their instinctual orientation to physical brutality, meat eaters destroyed their only hope of continued existence within a rapidly changing environment.  Like the dinosaurs, our American current administration has demonstrated that unilateral international expansionism is just another mechanism for isolationism.   

America has been going though a cultural revolution, in many respects similar to that of Red China. Through the Bush doctrines being impressed upon us, Americans are relearning the most practical lesson that we must work through the international systems to make any lasting impact.  When our voting citizens get tired of the rhetoric explaining why our troops are getting picked off one by one, humiliated and demoralized, why there is wide spread technical unemployment within our wrecked economy, and why our industries and our stock market have faltered then we shall once again vote the right winged "patriots" that we somehow elected out of office.  Then, the technical advantages of the United States can swing into action and begin to pull us out of this hole that we have allowed our leaders to dig for us.  When that does occur, we Americans need to dig deep to begin to clean up our action and come to terms with reality of the age we live in.  

The picture of our future is never perfectly clear, but what is certain is that once we are shed of the Bush leadership we must both rebuild and create new trusted and trusting relationships with other cultures.  To accomplish this, the first three most important industrial countries that we Americans must immediately bring along into our new democratic expressions of cooperative capitalism and global leadership are Canada, Japan, and England.  They can be America's gateways to global cooperation.               

If you desire to better understand the vast implications of the concept of Globalism from a European perspective than you need only go to the Internet and click on the link www.euroforum.gs/2002/studyguides/b.asp .  But while the ideas that are being communicated may be straight forward and academically valid, particularly from the perspective of the EU, most Americans probably just won't get it.  America has to do a better job at world leadership.      




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