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Ten Issues All Americans Must Face

By Roy D. Follendore III

Copyright (c) 2003 by RDFollendoreIII

The following are ten critical issues that Americans must somehow face in our future as a civilized society.  They are not in any order of importance or criticality because they are equally important.  

July 1, 2003

  1. The "Palestinian Problem" Is Part Our Doing.

    The reason why Americans can not simply walk away and ignore this problem is because we have helped create and perpetuate it. Even if we were were not the original reason for the problems in the Middle East, Americans have been paying for the Israeli ability to avoid a negotiation of real peace.  For some reason America does not govern itself very well when it comes to delivering weapons of mass destruction to "friendly" foreign governments.  Then we condemn others for doing the same.  The fact is that we have allowed other countries and their religious affiliations undue influence on the objective criteria of our foreign aid and military funding.  The mass murder of innocent people is morally significant whether it is at one moment or over a fifty year period.  We have assumed their responsibility through our continued uncensored contribution.  Any rational pragmatist must say that there is a cost to both war and peace.  In the case of the Middle East, peace will always cost Israel and Palestine more than their religious idealists will be currently willing to pay.  But making that kind of investment is exactly the point of the price.  The price of freedom is always represented through the imperfection of a shared expense.


  2. The Ecology Of Our Planet Is Past Critical And We Must Do Something About It Very Soon.

    Because civilizations are not united, there may soon come to be a time when human beings may not be able to sustain itself. We may not be able to find food or take a breath.  The biodiversity of our planet and our food chain is being threatened by extinctions and exploitation.  Some of the most important and far reaching issues related to ecology and our future is not being openly discussed by our leaders and the general public. Neglected examples are easy to find.  Our oceans have been emptied of 90% of large fish because we simply do not organize to protect them. Man has and will continue to change Earth's weather regardless of what we choose to do today so that what we must choose to do must be deliberate and include our impact on the climate. Current genetic engineering is a pollutant that endangers natural diversity in ways that we can not calculate. Nanotechnology can and will become a particularly dangerous pollutant for life on this planet unless we choose to manage it now.  Atomic energy must be looked at with a neutral mindset as a potentially ecological valid means of producing energy.  The welfare of wildlife and habitat on our planet belongs to everyone on the planet, and not just to those who live in the country in which they exist. Mankind must now consider building the means to manufacture and replace the natural atmospheric ozone that we destroy.

  3. The Technology of Mankind Can Not Sustain The Population Growth of the Ignorant.

    Americans are increasingly supporting a booming poor, ignorant and desperate population though technology and we will eventually fail unless we find solutions.  The relationship between reproductive and recreational sex must somehow be ethically managed. Uncontrollable reproduction is the fundamental cause of poverty and ignorance.  The social implementation of the control of population growth must be embedded as a foundation and not a fad within the ideals of all classes of people within our society.  The growth of the ignorant is a huge economic expenses that are not be calculated within projected budgets.  There is something fundamentally wrong with our system if it can not recognize that this gap exists and is growing in spite of technology. 

  4. When Organized Religions Take On The Roles and Responsibilities Of Governments They Become Hot Beds Of Corruption.

    Organizations of honest good men and women can become corrupt so that Governments must be organized to limit and manage that corruption.  Moral and pragmatic religious people must come to terms with the fact that the utopia of heaven can not exist on Earth regardless of the divinity of the concept.  The ideals through which man must govern man on earth can therefore choose are not be the same as those that God in heaven might choose. There will always be those who would unilaterally decide to speak for God in order to control those who would believe in God. Because of this, the separation of church and state is a fundamental requirement of all sustainable democracies.  America must teach the reasons why our neutrality with respect to religion exists is as the fundamental framework of our Constitution of Government. This means that American foreign polices toward active roles of religion within democratic Governments must change.  


  5. Corporations Must Ultimately Be Regulated By Their Employees

    All corporate employees, and not just their management must be held responsible and accountable for the actions of their companies.  When a large company becomes corrupt, it is not just the top management that is corrupt.  Those who took orders from the managers also should be held accountable.  This responsible accountability not only helps employees help corporations stay on the right moral path, it gives working people a degree of dignity and control over their lives.


  6. Our Growth Within the United States and On This Planet Must Be Managed

    Distance is proportional to the rate at which mankind is able to access space.  This concept is true with respect to both linear and temporal measurements.  Our problems as human beings are not just based on the mere fact that our population is growing too fast, it is based on the way that we are growing.  Earth is a closed and finite social and ecological system. The problems that we will face tomorrow will be a result of the way that we choose to grow into tomorrow's problems today.   We may not always be able to choose our problems related to future growth but with organized planning we can choose the agenda and order in which the critical issues arise.  It is the order of our agenda and not just the problems themselves that will make the difference in our planetary success or failure.


  7. America Is Constantly and Increasingly At Risk Of A Violent Revolution

    Yes it can happen in America.  The United States is not a stable homogeneous society.  It is an enormous social experiment in freedom that must be protected and nurtured. Moreover, it has always consisted of extreme perspectives and the risks have always existed.  Sections of our nation have isolated themselves over time into societal and cultural communities.  Large numbers of the population of our country are continuing to become disenfranchised and their situations and this will become more acute until it reaches a crisis.  An amalgamation of information and weapons technologies has made it possible for small groups of individuals to dominate the perceptions and actions of larger ones.  The technologies in question exist at the extreme ends of the technological spectrum.  When certain populations of cultures understand this, some will rebel over their perceived differences.  Massive centralized organizations like that of Homeland Security can exacerbate the problem and quicken the rate at which people become disgruntled.  This is why checks and balances through cooperative balance of independent objectives was built into our Federal Government in the first place.  Our leaders have lost sight of this.  


  8. America Has Become A Colonial Dictatorship

    Regardless of our intentions, the fact is that our United States military men and women have invaded and are occupying the soil of many sovereign foreign countries with no exit strategies.  It is fundamental to war that it is far easier to invade a country and defeat their military than it is to administer it's alien society and hostile people.  The fact that a "democracy" like the United States can and did vote an administration into power that would unilaterally and intentionally choose to violate international law and policies means to many foreign citizens that American democracy itself has failed to maintain a civilized society.  We may therefore conclude that such a Colonial Dictatorship by our country will become a further justification of authoritarian regimes elsewhere.  This demonstrates that our unilateral actions today become the seeds of tomorrow's failures.


  9. The Integrity of the Economy of the United States Is Failing Because of Poor U.S. Leadership

    Our economy is not just about money.  The American Economy is about the feeling of security and trust. This means that we must be able to act in our own interests.  But the ability of the United States to act on those things that we all see as important also depends on the strength of our economy.  This is what has distinguished the United States from other countries. Politicians may not be economists, but it takes little knowledge of economics to understand that we can not sustain the national deficits we have been seeing since 911.  We have been led into an economic kill zone where we have been robbing the economic security of our nation to pay for foolish and wasted security efforts within other areas.  The greatest threat to the United States today has become the organizational politicians and their bureaucrat cronies who are put in charge of unaccountable national security programs at the expense of our Federal Government.   


  10. A Nebulous Conflict Based On A General Concept Is A False War.

    The process of waging war is accomplished and proven through fundamental physical actions, not by intangible concepts. Any war based wholly on a concept is nothing but a side effect of psychological and political ploys. The test of strategic sanity is simple. When leaders are unable to accurately and specifically define America's enemies, then we either have no enemies or have the wrong leaders.  

    The execution of a strategic plan for war need not be the complex and convoluted subject that it is being made out to be.  The ideas and events of our opponents are not our enemies, regardless of how much we may dislike them and though they may be used by our enemies.  They are but the chosen tools that are used in war. However, the only way that a tangible combat directed war may be effectively and successfully waged is upon a known, physical and tangible enemy to which we may commit immediate concentrated force.  Everything else is psychological operations (PsyOps) perpetrated on the population, which need not involve endangering our troops. By definition, modern soldiers are trained and organized to kill and destroy, not to police or govern.  

    To put American soldiers into harms way for less than carefully defined realistic physical goals that use ethical force within a defined exit strategy is at a minimum unacceptably foolish. In the long run, such actions are potentially treasonous to the fundamental concepts of our Constitution.  It should be obvious by now to every American that we are in an expensive military quagmire.  Our military Generals are making up off the wall strategies, excuses and explanations to fit the personal agenda of the politicians in command.  They are correct in their assessment that is not Vietnam. Unlike the Vietnam era, this time America is embedded in a number of simultaneous conflicts without a concrete strategic military plan.




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