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Teaching Something?

By Roy D. Follendore III

Copyright (c) 2001 by RDFollendoreIII


September 14, 2001

I seriously doubt that the hijack terrorists wanted to teach us something. What they want us to do is to act in a way that will defeat us. The people who planned this attack were highly intelligent enemies. They put a great deal of time and effort in planning this disaster. They must have recognized the fact that a giant blinded by rage would strike out in revenge at innocent targets that would change world sympathy. This is a complex chess game that is being played out by nations. We do not know for certain who did this terrible thing. The evidence that we might bring to the table at this point is probably electronic intercepts which are not proof beyond a reasonable doubt to others.

There is no rational independent court of world opinion. To the contrary, there is a great split. At this point the majority of individuals around the world feel as though the attacks either happened personally against them, with the minority of individuals feeling the attacks were done personally by or for them. The reality is that neither of these perceptions based on feelings are actually true. This was a planned attack against a world society, not an individual. With respect to the larger picture, the attacks destroyed a tiny part of our society, not nearly enough to damage our society or the society of the world unless we allow ourselves to do it. When reason begins to prevail the motion of our political war machine we are creating will have its own inertia and it will likely be unstoppable. It is very much like a critical nuclear reactor before it either melts down or explodes.

It is imperative that intelligent academics and leaders realize that the concept of nationalism is not the same thing as patriotism. Right now we are at the phase of anger, disbelief, fear, and frustration where the two concepts are synonymous such that the motivations of individual actions and thoughts are not being rationally considered.




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