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of David Follendore

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Sculpture is the expression of dimensions.  It has long been known to be one of the most difficult of the fine arts.  The ability to create in more than one dimension is an aptitude that is not easy to learn.  Part of the reason is that within 3D space one must make associated compromises.  A quality that has been created from one perspective must be distorted in order to create qualities from other perspectives.  In a sense, it is the nature of sculpture to self reinforce noise during creation.

The sculpture on this page was produced by David Follendore who is a Junior at Osborn Park High School in Manassas, Virginia.       



Sun Face By David Follendore

Sun Face began when David slapped a hand full of clay on the side of a table next to his bed.  Over the next several days he would notice it before going to sleep and make a few changes.  It was nothing special to him because it was not intended to be something. The rejection of noise is the step in the acceptance of knowledge. 




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