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By Roy D. Follendore III



We search for more respect,

the respect that we did not give others when we were young.

Respect seems to be a symmetry of attention we need,

because the values of truth and order should prevail.

Because of our brutal expectations,

we forget that respect must be individually earned.

Respect for who we are is not respect for what we are,

just as respect for what we once were is not respect for what we are now.


Respect for Motherhood is not respect for your Mother,

just as respect for the Presidency is not respect for the President.

Respect means that the flag now draped on your sons coffin

may no longer be your flag.

Respect for the sake of respect seems over rated

for death should not mean the end of time.

It is but a hollow monument,

for respect means absolutely nothing without honor.


It is too easy too respect the man in the moon,

because a universe of total respect would be changeless.




Copyright (c) 2001-2007 RDFollendoreIII All Rights Reserved