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Awaking American Possibilities 

Questions for all Americans that are about to change our planet.  

by Roy D. Follendore III

Copyright (c) 2001 RDFollendoreIII

October 13, 2001

America was certainly not to blame for the destruction of the World Trade Center or that attack on the Pentagon.  But the question that we all should begin to ask is why as a Nation we have been blind.  It is a defensive question that unravels into many other questions.  Americans spend many many  billions of dollars each year to gather the intelligence we need.  Why didn't it work?

If terrorism has been systematically taking place across the face of this planet, why is it that we did not act sooner rather than later?  If there is an enemy that is blowing up our buildings, murdering our soldiers in mass, sinking our ships, then why didn't we respond in kind?  If we knew  these people who were killing, why didn't we seek and destroy them?  If we are going to be practical in our questions then we also need to be honest with ourselves. If we knew that so many human beings were suffering and displaced, and destabilized, why didn't we manage it as a problem that was in our interests to help resolve?

What makes America, this land of the free, and home of the brave so complacent that all of the systems and organizations we have would have done so little for so long?  Who are we to think that if we are to be a World leader we do not have responsibilities to others needs?  Why didn't it dawn on us sooner that we were in an isolationist stance, only pretending to be engaged?

America is the most powerful technological nation this Planet has ever seen. Why are we still not going after new technology that can solve our Planet's problems? Some of us know for a fact that technology can do far more for us than entertain our fantasies.  Why isn't some of the billions in Federal funding being used to create new concepts for American security?  Why isn't some of this funding going to the small businesses that do the real creativity instead of the massive giants that are so concerned with their old outdated technological investments that were created by committees?  

Why does the concept that we all should go back to the business of our former lives come so easily off of the lips of our politicians?  Is it to go back to our lives as usual or is it to keep the machine that has been created operating?  Do we go back as we were, knowing we never will be the same?  Do we make ourselves again new?  

 Perhaps we Americans have simply been listening more to the profits of our cash registers rather than the prophets of understanding.  Our leaders must learn now that this World we live in does not boil down to idealized mathematical statistics, it simply condenses into reality.  Some things are not good, nor bad, they simply are.  Our reality is that the American dream of idealized World Trade has literally came down on top of our heads.   United States military domination through isolated long range technologies has dramatically intruded upon our ability to act defensively.

America is a powerful array of new possibilities that once prodded is now awaking.  Not only will the United States become a different place, this World will now be forever changed.  There is now a line that was not there before.  The enemies of America have asked for change and so it shall be.    They have our attention and America is now listening.  In the midst of all of the evil they have unleashed in the name of their God it may eventually be said that the results turned out to be a good thing.  Only one thing is certain.  America's enemies will ultimately wish things were the way that they once were.

 We may never find all of the answers, but there are two underlying reasons to all of these questions. We have ignored our Blind use of politically invested Power and Money without corresponding ethical balance.   This is the ultimate problem which Americans had better learn to more constantly and consistently tend.  We have learned that the vast power we have achieved as a Nation is sensitive and we must learn to apply it more effectively and with more sensibly.  




Copyright (c) 2001-2007 RDFollendoreIII All Rights Reserved