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Proportional Thinking

By Roy D. Follendore III

Copyright (c) by RDFollendoreIII

November 22, 2005

If the United States of America and the future of or world is to be unilaterally lead by elected conservative leaders then perhaps we should be willing to test the hypothesis of what it means to be a conservative. Does America's conservative leadership really and truly care for others as much as the do for themselves? A logical test is relatively easy to create. Let's "conservatively" compare the importance of things that we assume are so precious to us. Since pretty much everyone in America would probably say that we love children universally, why don't we choose the subject of children as our precious standard for this conservative comparison? 

According to the United Nations, their Food and Agriculture Organization recently stated that nearly six million children died last year of malnutrition. This is approximately three thousand times the total number of our troops that have been killed since combat operations began in Iraq in 2003.  The number of children who starve to death each year is two thousand times the total number of Americans who lost their lives in all of the attacks of 911.   This means that twenty one times more children die because they have no food to eat than the total estimated number of people who died during the 2004 earthquake tsunami. This is over fourteen times more starved kids than all of the people in America with AIDS.  In fact, more children died from starvation last year than the total number of people living in Los Angeles, Atlanta, New Orleans, Washington D.C. and Baltimore.

Of course when looking at such things in such a proportional way, the real problem is that we begin to see the obvious cracks in our democratic shining armor.  Is there any wonder that collateral suffering of women and children has not been of particular importance to plans by our "conservative" politicians and their appointed military Generals? Then again, hard line "conservatives" might call the mass starvation of children just another bleeding heart comparison by a liberal.  But this comparison is not about the nature of liberals or liberalism and one would think that innocent victims should have enough energy to fit into such a liberal category. Perhaps America's true "conservatives" should take a moment to consider that in the final analysis the real reason why kids who starve actually die such horrible deaths is because someone like them allowed their hearts to get too weak beat and bleed. 

The next time that you hear someone talk about how lofty and moral the "conservative" leaders are, just remember this:  So far the United States of America has already spent $221,000,000,000 for the Iraq war. This means that for each and every child who died because there was not enough to eat, our Congress and President could have written a check for over $36,000.




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