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The Disgraceful 2004 Presidential Election

By Roy D. Follendore III

Copyright (c) 2004 by RDFollendoreIII


November 2, 2004

It is now midnight as I write this. The disgrace that we have witnessed this day is dawning on America.  This disgrace is one that will be discovered as Americans wake to find that they are faced with having George W. Bush as President for four more long years.  It is a disgrace which is bannered by the disgraceful way that the 2004 Presidential elections has been carried out. Last night America saw the lease of the failures that will arrive from this disastrous election. For some the outcome was not the issue, it was enough to see so many Americans vote. In an unprecedented manner.  Our citizens came forward to exercise their right and to have their rightful say.  The problem with this 2004 election illustrates the underlying problem with all democratic elections. This year, in the cloak of our American flag, it was far too easy to forget that the Taliban, like the German Nazi party were democratically elected. 

Americans will soon awake.  They will check to see the results of this 2004 Presidential election.  Many will discover that America has stepped beyond the edge of a dangerous precipice. Some will say that those who do not believe in the George W. Bush administration should follow the majority rule and support a nebulous, ill advised and war that has isolated our Nation from the rest of our planet. Some think that perhaps America should fall in line and allow the Bush flaw to be further illuminated.  Our economy is being wrecked by the enemies of America and by those who "neo conservatives" continue to guide us into an unwinable situation.  The basic failures of integrity and moral commitment, our fundamental values and of human decency seemed to have abandoned our national policies. Regardless of the voting statistics, the individual vote is not the cause.  This election has been lost by the systematic nationalistic landslide of compounding American ignorance and religious superstition.




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