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What Makes Premonition Different?

By Roy Follendore

Copyright 2000 RDFollendoreIII

Premonition suddenly gives powerful new dimensions of possibility to existing Web Pages. Unlike other systems, the degree of impact plus the detail of secure control that Premonition offers is unlimited.  But it is not just what Premonition does that is important, but how it does it that makes it so powerful.

Premonition securely builds custom web pages on the fly in a way that is unprecedented.  Because of this, Premonition allows different people to address web pages differently.  One particular person or group of people will see one view of the web page, with different graphics and content than others because of the fine grain control that Premonition can offer to Web Publishers.  This means that the overhead associated with managing and maintaining information is greatly reduced since the different views of information are available for change in one place. 

With Premonition, any fine-grained element on any normal HTML web page may be made protected, accountable and billable or left open for general browsers.  Using Premonition, each Web Page element can be securely turned on and off at different dates and times.  This means that publishers can publish in advance of their deadlines. 

This is very different from the way that other systems are expected to operate.  Some systems such as PKI are actually component standards designed to generate keys for messages. Algorithms like DES are component processes designed to scramble information with cryptographic keys.  

Premonition is a cryptographic meta-level-system that uses components as multiple certified plug-ins to allow information owners the opportunity to securely manage, disseminate and present fine grain arrangements of information as knowledge.  It is able to do this securely because the core processes are built around a completely unique and patented cryptographic thread.  

Premonition was built to put intelligence into the cryptographic key generation process.  This means that Premonition can co-exist with standard subsystems  because it is designed to take advantage of these other components as certified processes. 

If you compare Premonition with other systems you will find that this is the one system that can be made to do everything that other systems can do, only better.  Premonition can also accomplish far much more than other systems.  

There is nothing else that can transparently manage the security, filtering, distribution and presentation of detailed information like Premonition.  No other solution can maintain such a high  degree of positive control from the point of information origination and publishing through information archive and disposal.  And it can accomplish all of this and more because it utilizes intelligent cryptography.




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