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Consider the following...


Within the next 10 minutes, I expect several dozen large potatoes to fall from space and completely smash my computer smithereens.


OK, I admit that this is a stupid idea…


But the fact still remains, if potatoes ever actually do fall from outer space, I am absolutely sure they will fall on my computer.


HumorThe impact and strength of rational logic is affected by emotions.  I wrote the following as a humorous example of a poor way of holding on to bad logic and one way we retain noise in spite of new knowledge.  I think that we have all felt this way at one time or the other about their computer.  The idea of impending doom is built into the the idea of modern technology.  This is the primary reason why tech investors do not really understand what they are investing in.  They do not really get the idea that it is too late.  Technology is the only means to solutions that can save us.

Roy D. Follendore III




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