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Welcome! These are selections of poems written by me. Consider this interruption in your life as a quiet place to visit or a place from which to return intellectually refreshed. This is where you may find an idea that you may want to contemplate on some rainy day. There may only be one, or many poems here that attract you. That is OK because one can be plenty and many can be only just enough.

Poetry is about the concept that less is more. It is about turning into the patterns and sound and meanings of words into expressions of ideas with feelings. Poetry is first for the poet and that is because it is about taking a stand on existence, but for the poetry lover it is also about opening up ones self to new thoughts and ideals. Poetry is is the essence of words and the essence of emotion from hearing words as sounds. It can you in your guts and it is capable of brightening your earthly spirit. Poetry exists in nature and all things and not just in things to be considered poetic. Poetry is soaked into the blood and mud of the battlefield and in the explosions of a supernova. Poetry is ugly and beautiful. Poetry does need a poem to exist. We need it. An author can produce short stories and plays that are poetic and a child can be poetic with a chocolate covered ice cream smile. Poetry is neither good nor bad though it is always redeeming and faithful to honesty and the truth. Poetry is genuine. This is something that it shares with good science.

I sincerely hope your enjoy the Poetry Corner.

Roy D. Follendore III

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