Patio Leaf 

Artist: Roy D. Follendore III

Copyright (c) 2002 RDFollendoreIII

Patio Leaf is a message written in stone.  It is a concrete series of decisions that began with a gesture and took over five years to complete.  The leaves are hands that possess the image of man.  Patio Leaf is about the concept of communication.  A cursive explanation of prehistoric symbolism.  It is a hand of leaves blown with ochre and left for future millennia. It is a digital mark that imposes the question of what is and is not content.  It is a cryptographic visual passage from a cryptographer.  It is the mirrored reflection of a puzzle from which you can contemplate the question of why and how we are able to communicate.  It is a abstract of a thinking piece about the nature of Fine Art which you can own. 

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