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Our President

And reasons why this President should not be reelected.

By Roy D. Follendore III

Copyright (c) by RDFollendoreIII

March 25, 2004

In the eyes of many Americans our President, Mr. George W. Bush is a broken President.  He has broken his oath of office through his inactions as well as his actions. Our President failed to protect our nation from threats foreign and domestic. He declared conventional war on an unrecognizable ideology that has not boundaries and to which there can be no conventional strategies. He has attempted to bring back the unrealistic orientation and expectations of World Wars I and II by giving a face to a second rate enemy.

His term as President has been a disaster for America.  During his term of office he has dramatically increased the centralization of autocratic authoritarian rule. He has drastically enlarged the size and scope of Government.  He has expanded his powers beyond his Constitutional authority by setting up military prisons in foreign countries so that the prisoners being held would not fall within the jurisdiction of Federal laws. All the while, Mr. Bush  has ignored the needs of Americans who need jobs far more than they need a $300. tax refund.   

For these reasons and many others, this has become arguably the most important election year in the history of America.  This election year will not only determine who is to be in the White House, it will determine if we are to be considered a continuously contentious and warring nation or a peaceful one.  It will determine if our nation supports the use of secret military trials or open Federal ones.  It will determine if the existence of checks and balances is to coexist with the executive powers of the American Presidency.  It will determine if we Americans have are to be employed and if those jobs are to be oriented toward peace or war.  It will determine if there will be basic programs like social security or medicare programs for us as we grow old, as well as if our nation slides past the red lines of bankruptcy.   

But the issues that we face in this election is more than what we expect to get.  America is more than that.  As Americans it is our duty to begin to consider the implications of what we have become as a nation.  If we are do drive our own destiny we must decide if the actions that have been taken on our behalf by our President and his leadership have been for the best. For we citizens to do our job we must not only validate the reasoning, we must validate the results.  Intentions are not enough.  The cliché is true.  The road to hell is paved with good intentions. The problem that we Americans must now come to terms with comes down to the differences between reasons and excuses. 

In retrospect, after committing the power our nation to a preemptive war, the excuses that can too easily be given for going to war is wrong.  Americans are by our nature a warring nation.  We worship the competitive nature of war as though it is an extreme sport. Our children feel too proud to wear their uniforms because they feel that doing their duty is more important than thinking for themselves. Sacrifice is its own reason for sustaining a wrongful war.

The point Democrats are making is that this Presidents true reasons for going to war have always been and will always be with us.   World military domination only seems like the easy solution to all of our fears. If we are dominating our world then others are not. The fact is that it just isn't that simple. Attempting to go it alone and unilaterally justify war is a terrible slippery slope upon which it becomes far too easy to forget our best interests as well as our proper path. 

The reality is that we are faced with credible evidence that our current President publicly blamed Iraq for dangers to America that simply did not exist.  He jokes about the weapons of mass destruction that were once his stated cause. He linked the war in Iraq to 911.  But as Americans we can not joke about or forget that 911 was a successful terrorist event for the enemies of America and that attack took place on this administrations watch.  We can not forget that no evidence exists that this President's personal enemy had anything to do with 911. We nor our accumulating dead in Iraq can laugh about the great lie perpetrated on the American public and our Congress that caused our country to take preemptive action. 

There should be no reasonable excuse for a national and political failure of this magnitude.  What has changed with George W. Bush since his election is the fact that his public mask has vanished by the transparency of his lies to us.  If 911 was the justification for going to war with Iraq, then we now know that it was the wrong reason.  

As the various factions vie for power and as we attempt to disengage from this invasion we are now witnessing that the only thing that we have accomplished in Iraq has been to convert a third world dictatorship into a religious state. Just as with Vietnam and Cambodia there can be another contentious bloodbath of innocents in our military wake. 

Given the demographics of Iraq, this situation was certainly predictable and there should be no doubt that such a situation  was predicted.  The root of the problem that we voters are now faced with is that this war was based on subterfuge and disingenuous justifications.   George W. Bush and his administration gave Congress and the American people invalid reasons for going to war.  In doing so this administration destroyed the lives of American families without a justifiable cause.    

For we citizens who have been forced to watch our nation spin out of control in the hands of reactionary knee jerk leaders who seem to operate in the realms of the stratosphere, we can soon take heart.  What is about to take place can transform our nation into the positive path. Within the voting booths of every state there will soon to be the moment when we common Americans take these vast issues into our hands.  

The fundamental assumption that we should make is that no person walks into a voting booth to vote for a President as a Republican or as a Democrat.  We are Americans.  We must vote as Americans. 





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