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Roy Follendore is a Virginia Artist, listed in Who's Who of American Colleges and Universities. Roy holds a B.F.A in Photography with a minor in Graphic Design from the Memphis College of Art (Formerly the Memphis Academy of Arts) as well as a B.S. in Liberal Studies Electronics and a M.S. in Communication.

If you are interested in purchasing images please send a message to the feedback link at the bottom of the page. All prints will of course be carefully prepared and inspected by the artist, before being suitably matted, framed and shipped to the destination of your choice.

Also, if you are interested in sponsoring a show of Roy's work in your gallery or business space you should also make contact through the feedback link below.    

The Future Value of Original Digital Prints:

Art is a statement that goes beyond mortal existence. This is why Art images are expressions of power.  In contrast, excellent Art images are enduring and unforgettable. There is something about them that makes them have universal value. They touch the quality of what makes us human beings.  They become like a pair of old shoes that you refuse to throw out but everyone admires. Art is the one stable thing that surrounds you as you grow older. This is the reason why Art can increase in value.

Will the value of what you buy be worth more in the future than when you bought it?  The truth is that like everything else, value fluctuates.  A car that you might have bought forty years ago may not have been worth half as much the moment you drove it off of the show room floor.  Ten years later, the same car may not have been worth a tenth of that price.  Five years later the car may have just been considered worthless junk.  But eventually when the value of that car becomes realized, it becomes a collectors item.  The future value of "things" have to do with the concepts of qualities of preciousness and possession and this does not matter if it is an actual car or a toy car.  

Size is only one factor of value.  Functionality and purpose are also important. Some miniature dollhouse furniture pieces are works of art that are just as valuable as full sized pieces.  But Fine Art has a far greater range of value as a potentially incredible rewarding investment. The "Mona Lisa" is actually a relatively small painting but people don't usually think of it as small, just incredibly valuable. There are many works of art that have survived from the time period of Leonardo, though few works in history are as well known and fewer paintings are as well loved.  The value that we have eventually placed on the Mona Lisa is in her smile and the hand of the artist. 

The same is true for the works of other artists today.  The great paradox of the creation of artistic value is that while the Artist makes the Art, it is ultimately the Art which makes the Artist famous.  The artist does not make the art famous.  Modern works can appreciate in value disproportionately to size or age because they can be purchased cheaply early on. Pure photography is all about documenting a selection.  But the creation of digital images can be much more than that.  The famous painter Johannes Vermeer would have understood this as far back as the 17th century.   The true essence of Fine Art has always involved the manipulation of light for far more than purposes of documentation. What is true for painting as Fine Art is of course true for Digital Art as well.  Fine Art is essentially a kind of coded puzzle that can be discovered by the viewer.  To fully understand the value of Fine Art you must understand that it is a kind of code that lasts because it is layered, because it may be infinitely complex and deep, even as it appears to be simple. It is the objective and result of the Art that creates Artistic value.  

If you feel deeply moved by a particular piece of Art, it may take years to understand what it is that you like. Beneath that onion peal surface explanation you are likely to find something else that you may not understand about yourself.   Art is a kind of mirror that is capable of compressing and reflecting far more consideration thought and emotions than it is made of.   It is only through the ownership of such an amazing thing that one can maintain a proximity and therefore feel the necessary control to understand such a thing.  Visiting a great work of art in a Museum is a wonderful thing, but it is like visiting a lover in a sterile hospital.  The marriage can only be glorious when you live together in close proximity through time.   This of course is the reason why you should purchase Art that you truly like.  Moreover, it is also why such art is more likely to become valuable over time.  

The economic objective of the Artist is to share the Artistic work while providing a monetary incentive to continue the efforts. Fine Prints are a way to make the media of original works of Art available and affordable.  Such prints, particularly those that are hand signed by the Artist are always limited editions.   The hand signed signature is an original and unique mark representing the fact that a quality control by the Artist has passed through to the work.  Signed prints provide provenance that increases the future value of the work.  If you are concerned with the future value of the Art, a hand signed signature becomes an important attribute.     




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