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Oh Brother

By Roy D. Follendore III

Copyright (c) 2001 by RDFollendoreIII

November 26, 2001

The FBI is supposed to be on your side as they should be. They have a job we have asked them to do and it is a tough one. But the optimum performance of their job is not necessarily the most important ideal of this nation. The operation can not be declared a success if the patient dies.  The constitutional laws of freedom can not be enforced if freedom is lost. The problem is that the FBI is supposed to uphold the laws of this Nation, but what it now appears to be doing is expanding the law to suit their view of the world.   The FBI and the Justice Department now appear to be in the business of interpreting the law to reach internal goals, not interpreting the law to stay within the spirit of the law.

First it was the Carnivore project and now it is project Magic Lantern.  First the FBI imposed the ability to read all email and now it has developed systems to hack into any citizen's computer and plant Trojan Horse software to read every character while your fingers type.  What does this say about the intentions of our number one law enforcement agency?  What does this say about America?

What is wrong with this picture? Who cares? Well for one thing, this is the first step in what will become Governmental mind control.  You see, people don't just write what they plan to do, they write what they are thinking at the moment.  They wrestle with ideas through writing and hopefully they make the right decision. Free speech first means free speech to one's self. The destruction of personal privacy is therefore the destruction of constitutional free speech.  Moreover it is the destruction of free thought.  Writing is a tool for thinking.  There is no constitutional right granted to the Government for  absolute access to a citizen's private information.  On the other hand, if a citizen does not have the right to write their thoughts without threat to privacy, then our Government is in effect censoring the right of that citizen to think.  Writing has become an innate part of the thinking of modern man.   

We are appalled that four airliners were hijacked by terrorists and used to destroy the symbols of America's liberty, but we should now be far more distressed that our Government would intentionally choose to use these tragic events to support the destruction of American liberties.  Through courage we can rebuild New York and the Pentagon.  Americans can protect ourselves from terror.  We may not as easily be able to regain our civil liberties once they are lost to those who abolish freedom in the name of justice.  If the leadership of our country are incapable of making Constitutional decisions, then it is up to the Supreme Court and individual employees working within the Federal Government to have the courage to do the right thing.

There are other technical security solutions available.  America does not need the realization of Big Brother.      




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