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Night Flight
(A seagullís New Years toast to life and death.)
By Roy D. Follendore III
Copyright © by RDFollendoreIII
December 25, 2006

It seems always too late,
too late to stay,
too late to fly here,
or to fly away,
To the dim grey light that seaward flows,
too late to get good lift,
or too late to know,
too heavy the heart for the long wayward flight.
too far to fly, its too far this night.
It is too stormy the stay,
or to fly through tonight,
just too late to fly well
to make flying right.

So to the last of the bravery and the last of our light
to the falling of hope,
to the fleeting of sight,
to the last of the day,
when its too late to be traced,
to that place where waves rise too high to be faced,
to the darkness of dark,
to this dark windy flight
to trust as a part of the airís howling might,
I call to you,
to the one, and to all.
If too blind, then fly blindlyÖ
else your feathers shall fall.



Copyright (c) 2001-2007 RDFollendoreIII All Rights Reserved