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Never Completely Crazy

By Roy D. Follendore III

Copyright (c) 2004 By RDFollendoreIII

Corrected and Modified August 16, 2008

You were never completely crazy sweet girl, but of course way back then I didn't know what you would mean. Like red smoke on a dangerous horizon it was obvious that you would cost way too much to be seen... So naked you came and with that famous quick look you took and I dared you to come deep inside. But of course you wouldn't at first, you paused and you took your sweet time. I thought that no one could possibly be that lazy but by then it was far too late to get such things wrong. It was obvious to me that you were not completely crazy. And through me you had dreams that felt nice and hazy. Even within your darkest nightmare spells, when became strange, you were never completely crazy. When your empty feelings were lost to that distant past covered in purple paisley, you simply blended into mine and became a part of my thoughts. You were never completely crazy.




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