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Nazi Neo-Conservatives

By Roy D. Follendore III

Copyright (c) 2005 by RDFollendoreIII

June 18, 2005

Nazi Germany was born through a democratic mandate. As Americans we too easily forget that the Nazi government came into power through the mechanisms of conservative constitutional laws and unethical popular politics. The 'neo-conservatives' of Germany in that time period gave the people the opportunity to view the world in ways that allowed the German voters to support their superstitions and justified their actions to unilaterally invade other nations. What does that have to do with today? 

To many of us in this nation, American neo-conservatives of today seem to have taken pretty much the same approach. The democratically elected President of Germany of the late 1930's supplied the German people the scapegoats that allowed the mainstream of people believe their romantic fantasies about justice and order. Their notions of conservative declarations of war against Communism in Poland abolished the notion of civil rights for the enemies of that state. Our President has done pretty much the same thing with the notion of terrorism. Of course Adolf Hitler knew that Germany wanted to believe that the Arian race was superior, just as our leaders absence of self introspection seems to prevent us from seeing the commonalities of human nature that we share with our enemies. Nazi Germany was swept up in nationalism after the Reichstag was burned by their version of terrorists.

Perhaps the first lesson to be learned by all of this is that what seems to be a 'conservative' belief does not necessarily mean that such a belief is right. What the people of Germany then refused to understand is that no matter how much a population of conservatives may want something to be true, it just isn't necessarily so. The true political universe of a nation is far more complex than that. Human nationalistic ideals as embodied as our agenda can fail anyone if a national consciences isn't well grounded by a true appreciation of the perspectives of others. We as Americans should take a moment to contemplate that this may be why our natural biology provided us with the powers of empathy.

The first signal that our thinking may be wrong is when we ignore the expectations of others to meet our own ends.  Our thinking should not be so counterintuitive that we fail to realize that the notion of true conservative thinking only begins to exist the moment we are willing to consider the opinions and perspectives of others. Until the notion of what it is to be conservative is fully addressed openly and publicly by those who are liberal enough to bring this problem out into the open, America will continue to be run by politicians who hide behind their false flag to perpetrated on what are ultimately a joint collection of fanatical religious agendas based on a mixture of superstition, greed and ignorance. 

It is difficult to remain true to the nature of absolute conservative ideals while finding ways for our nation to innovate and become a better culture. If we are not particularly careful it is entirely possible to retrace the problems of others who have already walked in our shoes.




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