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Medicine and States Rights

By Roy D. Follendore III

Copyright (c) 2005 by RDFollendoreIII

June 6th 2005

The same political problems that initiated our American Civil War has raised it's ugly head once more.  The problem that all modern democratic countries face now was faced then. Then, the circumstances of the issues favored the centralization of decisions as part of what we now understand to be our Constitutionally mandated civil rights. Today, for many of the same reasons, our country is about to be split over the rights of human beings. How much do local governments have in the lives of communities?   Does a centralized democratic form of government have the right to determine the suffering that it's citizens must endure in order to enjoy living? 

Those questions are at the heart of our society and they have far more immediate consequences than the questions precisely the moment when life begins. Step back from abortion America.  America is an aging country. The Baby Boom are no longer fertile and they are growing older. Social Security is being withdrawn.  We older citizens from the Baby Boom are expected to work until our bodies completely wear out.  Then we like our parents before us will be forced to spend everything that we have earned in order to receive basic medical aid.  These are the radical 'conservative' values that have been and are being fostered to older people in the name of total Federal centralization.

With today's Supreme Court decision concerning the use of marijuana by prescription America the control of our bodily functions have been turned over to central government. That lack of bias upon which the elite few were appointed for life has worked against the principles of local democracy and unfortunately Americans can can expect more of the same. Why should they see things differently? We can all be assured that none of the Supreme Court Justices will have any problem with getting marijuana if and when they need it for medical purposes and when they do they would certainly not be Federally prosecuted.  When was the last time that a member of the Supreme Court been prosecuted for anything? For all practical purposes they have put themselves above the law.

It only takes a moment to see that the number one narcotic harming people with disabilities is not marijuana but morphine and that can be legally prescribed by physicians.   Morphine is a controlled substance that is used throughout America not just to control pain but to kill millions of sick people both in and out of hospitals. Every family member who has attended to a dying Father, Mother, Sister, Brother or child eventually comes to terms with this. This is a subject that will not end. Odds are that one or more of your loved ones will be put into a physical situation where marijuana could have been used to relieve their suffering without physical addiction.       

If nothing else, perhaps the Supreme Court is making a statement. Federal intervention and centralized governmental interference into State laws governing the legitimate use of medicines is both a Constitutional as well as a moral issue. America has become a nation of hypocrites as we continue to hide from the truth.  The truth will be visiting our loved ones soon. When those you hold dearest are in excruciating pain, then see how important Federal jurisdiction is to you.

The slimy politicians who have refused to take a stand need to see the value of standing up for Baby Boom citizens. Whether we want it or not, we Baby Boomers are in this together precisely because we are near the same age. Whether you believe you will ever be in pain or not we need to make a united statement to those elected officials. Guess what lobby donates most to political campaigns? Perhaps during the next election we should vote all of the bastards out of office. Senior citizens should be together in making it possible to legally obtain and use whatever pharmaceuticals are required to live a quality life. Otherwise more and more it will be increasingly be those politicians who proscribe our medicines as we age.




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