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Concerning Jewish Sensitivity

By Roy D. Follendore III

Copyright (c) 2001 by RDFollendoreIII


June 23, 2001

I can see that the sensitivity of the Jewish cause can hurt the Jewish cause. 

Case in point: One  university has been sued at least five times in the past decade by former professors claiming anti-Semitism, said Ed Rugg, chief academic officer.  Kennesaw State University School officials are so worried that a course titled "The Culture of Nazi Germany" would give  an anti-Semitic image that they have pulled the class from their fall catalog.

The problem as they see it is that the course title and description emphasizing the word "Nazi" could be misinterpreted and might scare off (Jewish) donors.  Ed Rugg evidently wrote in an e-mail to the department chairwoman who authorized the course, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Saturday explaining.

"It had never been my intention to glorify the Nazi regime," she the chairwoman told the Journal-Constitution. The question she wants the course to answer is "Why did this phenomenon happen and will it happen again, especially in Germany? How about the United States? The answers to these questions are still being contested today.  KSU students of German studies at Universities have the need to  know more than the public stereotypes regarding the Hitler regime."

The justification for this course is not anti-Semitic; it is simple age old wisdom. If mankind does not learn from history then we are doomed to repeat it.  I think that the Jewish community should step up and endorse University studies that attempt to probe the political, economic and organizational causes of the holocaust of World War II from a cultural perspective so that the potential of horrors from such situations can be diagnosed, illuminated and prevented, not just for Jews but for all of humanity.  

The prevention of educational dialogue of this nature is anti-Semitic because if endorsement does not occur and this course is prevented from being taught then knowledge that could have been used to prevent such atrocities will not exist in the minds of men and women when they need it and the fear of being anti-Semitic will become its own cause and effect.   In effect, we can become what we do not understand.  

It is exactly this cycle of fear and realization of hate that needs to be prevented.    




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