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A Tribute to the Artist 

J.D. Kelly

by Roy D. Follendore III
Copyright RDFollendoreIII 1988


With wild horses

running fast,

wind blown manes

flowing past,

a canvas of calm thoughts

in bright color paint

of a natural flare,

JD Kelly

artist, teacher, friend

has now gone




February 8, 1988.  The Artist and teacher J.D. Kelly died at age 44.  He had taught for 15 years at the Memphis College of Arts and was known to all as a good and caring Professor as well as an extremely talented and thoughtful artist.  He was an  intelligent person who put a  great deal of thought  into his paintings and drawings.  His works have been featured in shows in Ohio, North Carolina, Louisiana and across the Mid South.  Every artist that had the opportunity to work with him was educated by his knowledge and insights.  We all fortunate to have known him. 

Roy D. Follendore III





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