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Welcome to NoiseToKnowledge, otherwise abbreviated to N2K.

Glad to see you made it in to visit us.

You might find it interesting to note that most visitors who come to visit through our front door don't get this far. They are confused by the noise at the N2K window and the decision that they should make. They are too fearful about what is behind the next link. You might think of it as a small test to select those who arrive prepared.  Now you are probably wondering what this site is all about.  This site is about the relationship of the Arts and Sciences, but more importantly it is about the nature of our humanity. 

Within this website you will find Visual Art and Writing... as well as Essays, Poetry and Stories. You may also find advanced scientific and technical communication engineering theories, particularly those having to do with notions of security and symbolic relationships to thinking.

The concept of "Noise to Knowledge" has been described by Dr. Jeremy Allnutt of George Mason University as "Entropy going backwards." 

I tend to agree with that.  When you examine the discontinuous nature of the concepts, you find that there are actually ordered structures on the path from Noise to Knowledge. Science and Fine Art are part of an evolutionary creative discourse and this is much of what this web site is about.  But it is much more than that.  The principles of Noise to Knowledge (N2K) can be accepted on any number of philosophical levels. It is the gestalt of the way that the mind works to translate the endless random stimulus of our universe into rational relationships that we can understand and hopefully use wisely.  

Personally for me the term "Noise to Knowledge" speaks just as much about the nature of the perception and exploration. Noise to knowledge also concerns the orientation of the human mind and the reach for perspective within our Universe.  

Enjoy the experience and please consider this within your personal perception as you explore.

Roy D. Follendore III

Noise to Knowledge  2001-2003


Why Noise to Knowledge?

There were several reasons why this site was created, but the main reason was to communicate ideas about the nature of communicating knowledge within personal environments and perspectives.  Everything that mankind does, including the Arts and Sciences involve the formulation, acquisition and application of knowledge in the presence of noise.  Primitive man acquired the knowledge needed to survive and thrive either through direct experience or communicated by others.  We are not so different in that respect, except that we now use technology for that communication.  Knowledge affects us, but so does the the contextual noise that we allow to enter into our communications.  It is about this contextual relationship that this web site is about.

This site is constantly evolving. Right now N2K is essentially divided into the Arts and Sciences.  There are navigation buttons provided on your left and links at the bottom of every page.  It is designed this way to encourage you will feel free to browse. We hope that you have a pleasant and informative experience navigating through this site and will sign our guest sheet when you have finished. 

Thank you for coming to visit, enjoy your visit, and be sure to come back often to see this site evolves.

To start with you might want to take a look at the new N2K Front Page Article below.  It is a change that is reflecting our need to express new ideas about current and situational events involving society, culture and philosophy.   We hope you like it. 


Notice: This is an Art, News, & Scientific website and is intended to open ideas and values in the universal pursuit of knowledge from noise. In choosing to understand the material within this website it should be recognized and understood that knowledge is multifaceted. Sometimes articles and essays may take a certain perspective in order to discover journalistic truths, and open closed ideas and ideals from new perspectives, but hate and discrimination are never intended to be part of this website. Reproduction or use of images, graphics and written material within this website without the expressed permission of Mr. & Ms. Follendore is prohibited. Permission requests may be initiated through the feedback page whose link can be found at the bottom of each web page.  "RDFollendoreIII" is a symbol jointly owned by and representing Mr. & Ms. RDFollendoreIII. All rights are reserved, including the right to change and update any and all material presented herein.


"Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardships, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty."   President John F. Kennedy


"Intelligence is the capacity to acquire and apply knowledge."  -Webster

Therefore... [Under Construction]At Noise to Knowledge you can be assured that what you will see is original and unique.

Just please keep in mind that this site is constantly under construction.  

Sections may be added and eliminated, moved around and be changed without notice.  


Because it is a jungle out there...


Primitive man learned the hard way to listen to the ecological nature of their environment.  If modern man can not listen then we too will risk the extinction of our cultural goals.  The more effectively we turn noise into knowledge, the safer this jungle we all live in will become.

Our  modern jungle is a chaotic place  where all knowledge begins as noise.  The tools that we have are primitive tools, in part because they do not provide the means for us to filter out what we need, when we need it. 

This is the common ground that exists between naturalists and industrialists. If knowledge is not the common ground then there may not be any ground worth having in common.  What we have to work with is our rational minds and modern  technology to implement thoughts into action.  The actions and the technologies that we choose will make the difference between ultimate success or failure of our species.  In this regard we are exactly like primitive mankind.

Our modern jungle is not made of a canopy of trees or quicksand.  The great cave bears that our kind once feared and worshiped are long extinct.  They have been replaced by new dangers that affect our global tribe.  Just as our ancient tribes did not forage for plants and animals for their sake, they foraged for food; We forage for knowledge rather than data and information.  The noise that comes in the form of data and information overload is preventing the activities that will best sustain us.  

Just as the ecological basis of food gatherers were often endangered by the methods that were used for exploitation, so too is our ability to acquire accurate and useful knowledge.  It is no longer a simple question of being able to recreate and reformulate knowledge as we need it on the fly an accept the consequences of error.  

This modern digital jungle we exist in today operates at tremendous momentum and speed, with consequences that endanger the survival of our modern tribe. We must find the technological and rational tools to evaluate precisely where we are in the noise to knowledge line and to design solutions that deliver higher performance of the knowledge to noise ratio if our tribe is going to survive.  At the same time we must not leave behind, we must document and change the nature of our cultures that make us human so that our humanity can evolve.






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