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In Spite of Fate

By Roy D. Follendore III

Copyright (c) 2001 by RDFollendoreIII

December 23, 2001

Because Christmas is almost upon us,  the other day I wrote an installment that described my ideas of religion.  I took it out because I decided that there are too many people that place religion over living.    

Where does that leave us?  

It leaves us alone within our lonely fearful minds. It leaves us with nature of humanity. We human beings are a messed up lot.  We seem to be more than willing to fly into buildings, or blow up airplanes full of people with shoes full of explosives.  We are just as willing to send our sons overseas to fight as we are to throw some other sons into a hailstorm of cluster bombs. Humanity has turned upon itself once again.

Maybe that is who we all are?  We are simply the reflection of our enemies.  We are the reflection of each others ideals.  I am not talking about solutions here.  I am talking about what we are and what we are made of.

Perhaps it was a mistake for our minds to have differentiated the species.  After all, if we take away the air, we all no longer breathe. If we take away the water we no longer drink. If we take away the plants and animals that live with us, we no longer eat. We are in the most profound and real sense at one in the same organism.  When a single creature on this planet we call Earth needlessly suffers, we all suffer.  This world we live in is suffering and suffering appears to be universal.  

If you feel turned off by the doom and gloom consider this.  The message of this holiday season is about the potential of mankind in spite of his fate.   What mankind makes of itself is dependent upon our ideals which we choose to place above nature.  Religious stories have a resonance besides blind faith.  If God made the planet on which we live, then the most important question is whether that decision was purposeful.  But if God made nature and if it was purposeful, then we may very well have all been given a single chance through creation.  If we are an accident then it is possible that man may have many chances.

Rational thinking is not appropriate within religions. The death of innocence is the story of Adam and Eve.  Mankind is now living within that story so that pride, above all other sins, will be mankind's ultimate downfall, not the apple.  The birth of innocence is the story of the Christ child. 

People are born a part of the earth, not just upon the earth.  This means that the diversity of species upon this planet is a requirement for survival, not an alternative style of living.  The destruction and cruelty to which mankind is capable extends far beyond our concept of war.  It exists in times we call peace.  Man may simply not have the capacity to remain a part of the Universe, and it is not a fate but rather a decision we all make each and every day.




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