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How To Return Native American Land

By Roy D. Follendore III

Copyright (c) 2003 by RDFollendoreIII

November 22, 2003

The terrible scope of what the creation of our nation has done to all other races pales by comparison to what has been done to Native Americans.  Our United States Government committed genocide on the indigenous native American populations in order to take their land, their water and the minerals it contains. War on Native Americans ravaged through isolation, starvation and the cold as well as the bullet and the knife. There is no longer a question that this was a systematic process whereby our Federal Government has intentionally made treaties that were to be broken, never intended to be fulfilled. There can also be no doubt that a primary target of these attacks were against the diversity of Native American tribal cultures and their ability to exist. The evidence of history presents the horrible fact that total war was made on the old, the women and the children of Native Americans. 

The a single outstanding truth that is still ignored today is that all Americans have inherited the shame and disgrace of our ancestors through these acts.  Many of the very same Union Generals who fought for the cause of freedom for the black man, enthusiastically followed orders to enslave and destroy those they called "red men" because it was their "God given right" to do so.  Our Federal Government still honors this man for his actions. 

By such reasoning the current plight of Native Americans are therefore remain the responsibility of our Federal Government because is is the we the later day American citizens who remain responsible.  It is therefore up to the individuals within every community to accept the burden of responsibilities that we all share.  With these things in mind I therefore suggest that the good attorneys in our country today should be able invent legislation that would to allow individual Americans to give something back with the support of our local, state and Federal laws. How might this be done?

The obvious way is to legitimately share the vast national reserve of Federal lands that we now call America.  In doing so we are sharing the enormous responsibility of stewardship of western Federal lands that we took from the native populations. I believe that there is more than one way to better manage and maintain our remaining open range lands.  Perhaps managed similar to veterans preference programs, it is fitting that the original populations of Americans should be considered as the priority care takers and official advocates for the land and its wildlife.  The untapped resources of Native Americans can be utilized in ways that would be very little downside.   

Another way is simply to return some of what Native Americans have lost is to pass State legislation that would allow individuals and corporations a voluntary one time tax free percentage of the value of land to Native American tribe and/or tribes when sold.  The revenues from these donations could go into a trust fund jointly managed by the representatives of the Indian Nation and used for educational grants as well as for the purchase of additional tribal managed reservations and properties within their original tribal boundaries. New opportunities for regional reintroduction of Native American populations and culture means that we all may benefit and regain the rich ethnic heritage that was so ruthlessly discarded in favor of "progress."

The fact is that there are far more Americans who have lost their native ethnic heritage because of the oppressive policies of our government. Because of the racist nature of the laws these people hid their family history in order to survive. With this is in mind, perhaps a fraction of the proceeds could even go forward to sponsor a new kind of Native American tribe dedicated to protect and teach the culture of Native Americans to those of mixed blood.  There are many who respect the essential Native American ideals but can not be represented or covered by the racially divisive standards originally created, propagated and ever since sustained by our Federal Government. Native Americans could be much better represented and included within our nation.  

Another way is to give special state representation to the issues of the original Native American tribes within every American state. The leaders of the original tribes of Native Americans should be given a voice to speak directly to state legislations as honored citizens.    

I suggest that all Americans from every state take the time to think about the possibility of helping improve the future of Native American culture and discuss new ways that may be accomplished.  What our Government and the American people supported was evil and has done in the past can never be undone. The bad news is that the perception that responsibility does not pass down from the father and mother to the sons and daughters is wrong.  The good news is that the future can improve upon the past. The problems that Native Americans face began with societal expectations and they can be changed with same expectations. We owe it to them and more than that we owe it to ourselves.  




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