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How Do We Know?

By RDFollendoreIII

Copyright (c) 2004 by RDFollendoreIII


November 23, 2004

Consider what the world would have been like if the Nazi's had been able to successfully deny their role in the holocaust. What if President Truman had been able to continue to deny the existence of the atom bomb?  What if Richard Nixon had been able to successfully deny his relationship to the Democratic Headquarters Watergate break-in? 

Let us take a moment to assume that our milk supplies are contaminated with mad cow disease. (Not that could be, or that it is or is not.) The mere assumption that such a situation may exist is tantamount in some eyes as saying that it does. People don't want certain situations to exist and therefore they deny others the benefit of the possibility. The basic problem with making a policy of plausible denial has to do with manipulating the nature of truth.

We Americans have to get over the idea that everything that takes place around us is causal and explainable because of benign 'natural' or 'normal' reasons. Some things that happen around us are unexplainable while others or much more then coincidence. The fact is that conspiracies do exist.  Surprise layoffs are organized conspiracies. Elections are full of conspiracies. Organizations are made for people to conspire. Many of the situations that we see could not happen if it were not for conspiring organizational practices. Moreover, these things exist because human beings need and want them to exist. Conspiracies exist because of fear, greed, power, corruption and all of the other emotions and wants of mankind. Most of all conspiracies exist because the nature of secrecy and plausible denial allows them to exist.

As consumers of the realities of truth, we all should be aware that manufacturers of products are not telling us what we should know. Manufacturers track us and by their doing so our Government benefit from it. It is no secret that members of our Government have been using its influence to enter into both formal and informal relationships with businesses.  What always seems to shock us most is not that Government does not police itself as much as it is the fact that their manipulation affects us.

 The next time that you sit down to watch the evening news, enter into a line of reasoning and reach a conclusion you might want to pause and ask yourself the question; "How do you know?"




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