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The Poem of the Homebound Pilot


Roy D. Follendore III

July 14, 1994


No courageous pilot

of air,

or fearless ace

could as easily wing

to my home field base.

Or could, as in my case,

as easily wonder back

to family home hearth,

to our child’s familiar face,

or pretty feminine form,

and antique lace.

No sword black of luck

or dark Knight’s mace

could ever deny the frantic pace,

each day to again

go forword, arrive and win,

and champion my home bound race.

For to thee I trust,

through time and space,

always shall I return,

to weave retrace

the silk threads that bind

complete our love, 

to fill,

as does Spring eternal,

with true love’s precious nectar

thou flowering vase.




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