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Getting Along

By Roy D. Follendore III

Copyright (c) 2001 by RDFollendoreIII


November 1, 2001

America seems to keep getting conflicted messages from our enemies.  There they are sitting around the entrances to their caves all reporting to everyone that they are happy about becoming martyred for Islam and there we are bombing the crap out of them to help them.  It would seem that for the first time we are in harmony with the Taliban, but no, it is too good to be true.  We have started getting complaints about our missing targets and sending their hospital patients to God.  You would think that they might be a little grateful that America would at least try to make up for all of the misses we made that only maimed.  You might think that these people would like to see their wounded brothers and sisters in heaven, but no.  It should now be obvious that our efforts to send the Taliban directly to their God has not been appreciated.  If we are to believe them when they speak about their faith it doesn't make much sense.  I can't understand their failure to at least stand up in the open and hold hands in a concentric ring of giant bull's-eyes as we drop cluster bombs.  Am I missing something here, or are we just not cooperating?  Maybe it is just the cultural communication barriers, a failure to communicate.  Instead of dropping leaflets describing how to give up, perhaps we should be encouraging them in more effective ways to establish their martyrdom.  On one side of the leaflets we might show all of the clear advantages of becoming a martyr including riches and lots of different beautiful wives to have sex with.  I know that with the downturn in the economy, the former concept certainly appeals to me now and when I was younger the latter would have almost made me want to get myself killed over a few infidels.  On the other side of the leaflets we might want to put directions for creating the cooperative bulls eyes, along with the telephone number they might call to get quick customer service and our hours of operation.  I should think we might wish to give our customers different martyrdom plans.  I am not a marketer, but I do think that the "Cruise" missile option should only be offered with group discounts and perhaps to our preferred customers.  This does not have to be a difficult problem.  The overall idea is simply to provide the same level of customer satisfaction that our terrorists might get in first class on our airlines.  

As you can see,, it isn't so hard for us to get along.        




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