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Extreme Solutions To End Extreme Violence In Iraq

by Roy D. Follendore III

Copyright (c) 2007 by RDFollendoreIII

January 18, 2007

Our President of the United States has said that those who oppose the occupation of Iraq should offer alternative solutions. This is like the Lion asking the the lamb why he should not eat him. The President claims that there are no alternatives other than the occupation. His hand picked commanders claim that there is still 'a chance' that we can win. They are correct, even though they might as well have said that there is also a 'chance' that these commanders will win a million dollar lottery this year.

The bottom line is that the laws of chance tells us that 'winning' in Iraq just isn't going to happen. Anyone who has spent any reasonable amount of time in the Middle East should have seen this coming. We have been learning the hard way that "Shock and Awe" military technology becomes pretty much worthless when the indigenous population absolutely hate us. Saddam learned this basic lesson the hard way. His solution was to use poison gas. He demonstrated that he could wipe out villages, towns and homes. He could also eliminate entire tribes, simply by cutting off their access to water and changing the environment around them. Of course we could also resort to that sort of thing. We have the technology. A few tactical nukes is also an extreme choice that would demonstrate our resolve as well as our ignorance, weakness and moral corrupt ineptitude.

Short of that, we choose to demonstrate our weakness by staying in protected green zones and well defended bases, sitting in our armored vehicles, avoiding as much as possible the danger on the streets while attempting to take strategic pot shots against an enemy that is endemic to the environment. We ignore the fact that we initiated and are perpetuating a violent religious civil war, that we are being asked to choose sides. We don't want to take sides. We don't choose sides because doing so would involve us deeper in issues we don't really care about.

Simply put, we are not taking sides because in Iraq, tribalism of religion is the basis of politics. Iraq shows why our founding fathers were wise enough to establish a separation of Church and State. It would be interesting if the 'liberal' political leaders of America would take the time to realize and talk about the fact that this issue is what brought the so called 'conservative' Bush administration into power. There is a tremendous sense of hypocrisy in this. 

This brings us to the thing about the Iraq war that we don't want to talk about. Regardless of the platitudes of Democracy. America does not really care about the suffering in Iraq. We care about Iraqi oil and we care about ourselves. Wrapping our true agenda around a bloody Bible and an American Flag has been our lame excuse and everyone knows it. The invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq was fabricated on a bed of lies and propaganda. The fact is that the 'majority' of Americans have been at some point  guilty of having deliberately chosen to support leaders who believe in kidnapping, torture and the avoidance of the law in order to get their way. Don't let anyone fool you again, the insanity of extreme solutions have been the rule not the exception. This is what people who believe in war as a means to an end do.

When we pull out our troops from Iraq it will be inevitable that there will be a vacuum. Hundreds of thousands, and perhaps millions of more people will be caught up and suffer in a continuing civil conflict. The surrounding nations, including Iran, will find it in their interests to become further engaged.  By releasing the tribal tidal forces within Iraq, we have become responsible for the results.  It was extremism when we deliberately chose to break the back of the tyrant who was holding the heart of the Middle East.  

There is a reason why some are saying that America does not have the stomach to fight this kind of war. What we have done and what are finding ourselves continuing to do in the name of Democracy sickens our nation. The justification for the violence that comes from the continuing the military occupation of Iraq can not be rationally based upon the sacrifice of our troops for in the sea of humanity that has been involved they are a small minority. When you hammer a nail and hit your finger instead, the justification for continuing should not be the sacrifice of the finger.

The waste of lives in Iraq will continue. The civil war that we refuse to admit killed over 35,000 Iraqi citizens last year. Each month the death toll increases. The justification for murder has become random revenge. Thousands of of unidentifiable bodies are being found bound, tortured and shot. Bombs in public places make the bodies of others unidentifiable. The old and young, women and men, the guilty and innocent are all targeted victims. The anonymous are quickly buried according to religious custom. This too is a waste.

Perhaps a better use might be to employ the same methods that were utilized after our military discovered and took control of the concentration camps in Nazi Germany. In the same vein we could propose that the government of Iraq to openly place all of the dead in central location and require the population to witness the enormity of their inhumanity. Before we begin to choose the shock and awe of bombs perhaps we might use our stealth bombers to drop the anonymous dead of Iraq that they have contributed, into the heart of the capital cities in Iran.  As disgusting as these extreme solutions may sound, the actual point that I am making that it is the ability of humanity to hide the physical reality of truth that allows the immoral option of "continuing the course" under such circumstances. 




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