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The Potential Of Using DNA Paternity Testing On U.S. Military

By Roy D. Follendore III

Copyright (c) 2005 by RDFollendoreIII

November 16, 2005

Every time a United States Military base is constructed overseas you can bet your last dime that there will be new bars and brothels constructed as well. The fact is that this has probably been true since the first military force was created. Troops want sex. No let me correct that... troops need sex. Young troops, old troops and all troops go for the opportunity to have sex, they always have and they always will. In a way our military supports this. In fact, the brass have been known to regularly bring 'clean' prostitutes into bases for conjugal visits. On many bases, the primary week to week duty of some medics has been to test the local 'moose' for VD and AIDS. It is thought to be good for the moral of all of those horny soldiers we send. Of course all of you girlfriends and wives might suspect but never have been told that this was the norm. Promises are made for sex during which women take advantage of our soldiers and our soldiers take advantage of other countries women.

What becomes of all of that lust and sperm is the production of innocent half American children. The women have babies that they ultimately can not afford based on ignorance of birth control, false dreams and empty promises. These poverty stricken kids are often ostracized  in their own country where they are left behind by fathers who may not even know that they exist. The female children of otherwise honorable and respectable men are forced into prostitution to survive while the boys become beggars and thieves.  How many children are we talking about? I have personally seen several hundred abandoned children like this in makeshift orphanages in the Republic of South Korea during the 1970's. BBC news reports that when the last of the fleet sailed from Subic Bay in 1992, America abandoned thousands. With so many of our troops overseas now, how many children will be left behind?

It occurred to me that the thing that has changed over the years is the fact that our military has been DNA tested. They began doing this in order to be able to identify our military casualties after combat but there should be no reason why this same data can not be used to match fathers to their illegitimate children. Many of the troops that served overseas are still in service today and they now have their DNA records on file. This means that if a program were to be setup whereby kids who want to know about their biological parents could be matched within a database, they could in fact be tested.  The children would then have proof of their biological identity and potentially a case for their legal American citizenship. When you begin to think about it, there are so many reasons why this should and must eventually be done and they involve medical as well as moral and ethical justifications.

After all, these are essentially undocumented Americans that we are talking about. For many thousands the United State Government has the means to prove their identity. One might reasonably expect that this idea might represent a firestorm of an ethical quesiton for the churches, politicians and the United States military, but many people should believe it is one that is best dealt with rather than ignored. Our military like to brag that they do not abandon Americans on the battlefield, well I for one believe that they should not be leaving their very own children either.

I say take heart all of you unrecognized fellow Americans. It may take a while but the fact that this is moral, ethical and both technically and economically possible means that it probably will happen.  I also say that if any of you actually believe in any of those things that you say you believe in, then you will at least take the time to discuss the potential of DNA paternity testing of our troops with others.  Talk to everyone you know including those in your church, and within chat rooms. If need be ladies give a call to Oprah if you think it might help.  

See: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/4436140.stm








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