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Disasters on the Bush Watch

The disasters during this Presidential administration have been horrible.

By Roy D. Follendore III

Copyright (c) 2003 by RDFollendoreIII

March 22, 2003

Many people think about all of the disasters that have taken place on George W. Bush's watch as President as one huge blob.  

As the Republican Presidential candidate he was elected by the narrowest of margin and under the most questionable circumstances. As it became obvious that George W. Bush would take Presidency stock markets began to take a nose dive from which it has never recovered.  There was little further economic investment interest in the commercial markets. The world economy spirals. American companies go bankrupt. High tech people lose their jobs in great numbers. America voids our obligations to international treaties on global warming.  In the midst of this a plan to attack Iraq and kill Saddam is ordered by the White House. American foreign policy supports Israeli death squad tactics against Palestinians.  Palestinians respond in kind against Israel.  Terrorists take out the heart of downtown New York, crashing jets full of people into buildings, also destroying one fifth of the Pentagon.  The President goes into hiding.  Then pops up.  The President comes out of hiding to declare an American "crusade" against terrorism in the middle east and then corrects himself and states that he did not mean to use the word crusade.  It is discovered that members of the Federal Government tried to warn their management about the threat but were suppressed. A declaration of war is made on "terrorism," giving war powers to the President.  One of the largest layoffs in America takes place. "Anyone who is not with us, are against us."  Irrational security measures make flying difficult.  Military jets begin escort commercial airliners with orders to shoot them down.  Tanks, machine guns and antiaircraft missiles are put on the streets and at airports.  Armed half trained men are put ride aircraft looking for terrorists. Aboard planes, innocent customers are harassed and sometimes placed under arrest with guns pointed at them. Aircraft are grounded and terminal are shut down by irate customers who are mistreated or who simply misspoke, fingernail clippers and frightened two year olds.  The largest and most successful American airlines begin to go bankrupt. The President authorizes the creation of military prisons in Cuba in order to keep from bringing prisoners into the jurisdiction of Federal Courts. The White House tries to create an office of propaganda and misinformation.  The President asks for the right to strip American citizens of their citizenship.  Assassinations through robotic aircraft that bomb cars begin to take place. Thousands of prisoners from around the world are taken are indefinitely held in open cages and without specific charges or the right to see attorneys. The largest restructure of government takes place in the name of "homeland security." Power is consolidated under a single man, thereby defeating the purposes of the organizational design of checks and balances.  Independent news media is increasingly being deregulated and controlling interest bought up. American bombs Afghanistan into submission and then invades to now control the county continuing to be the greatest exporter of heroin. The President declares that prisoners will be tried under a U.S. Military tribunal. The space shuttle Columbia disintegrates in the sky because of the failure of NASA management.  Our American military are mobilized and shipped to Iraq to fight terrorism. The price of gasoline goes to record highs as the stock market continues to plummet. The United Nations and the President state that there is no evidence of Iraqi involvement in terrorism. The President pushes the United Nations to invade Iraq and halt disarmament inspections. The President then declares that world opinion does not affect his decisions. The Secretary of State goes to the UN but is not able to present convincing evidence that inspections should end and a UN war with Iraq should begin. Some of the evidence used against Iraq to show it has ties with terrorism is later proven to have been from the 1980's and the evidence for Iraqi attempts to acquire nuclear materials are proven to be forgeries.  Word leaks out that members of the UN were being bugged.  Eavesdropping bugs are found in the French and German offices of the EU.  Once again, massive layoffs take place.  The greatest countries of the world tell America that war in Iraq is a political and international mistake.  Even with billions of dollars in incentive, the United Nations refuses to vote to go to war with Iraq.  Millions of people around the world march against American Imperialism. Russia, China, Germany and France declare they will veto any UN vote to go to war with Iraq. Only England's Prime Minister provides troops, in spite of the overriding opposition by the majority of the people and one third of his party.  Two long time and distinguished diplomats who served many Presidents in our State Department choose to resign rather than support an invasion outside of international law. The administration refuses to estimate the costs of any of the President's decisions and the Republican majority Congress does nothing to force the issue. Turkey's parliament refuses to allow the American military ground forces to invade Iraq from its territory.  American forces are unilaterally directed by the President to go to war in Iraq.  Investors cheered because the stock market would start to soar.  Television declares the war as an opportunity for an amazing advance in news coverage through technologies. The President justifies his actions to Congress under the powers given him to fight terrorism.  The President tells the world that "we will not target Saddam," in the first two hours of the 'decapitation' bombing of Iraq but we do just that.  The head of American anti-terror programs resigns because the war against Iraq increases the likelihood of terror. The United States offers billions in economic aid to Israel while its economy is in shambles.  Oil wells begin to burn.  American forces are then ordered to launch a massive ground invasion.  American troops start pouring in and death and destruction reigns through smart bombs, helicopter missiles and mini-guns and artillery fire. Our program of massive air strikes across Iraq begin.   Explosions in Baghdad are shown and reporters interview troops but dead enemy bodies were carefully and conveniently cleared and footage of death avoided. Riots and protests take place all over the world but none are acknowledged. The President secretly awards massive federal contracts for reconstruction of Iraq to a select group of American companies that contributed most to his campaign. The American unilateral war is declared illegal under international law by skeptical foreign leaders and international law scholars.  

Take your pick about which of these things you choose not to believe and the result will still be a long list of problems. Bad things just seem to keep on happening on this mans watch.  Something is wrong.

Perhaps all of this is just bad luck.  If so then when will our citizens begin to wonder why this President continues to attract so much bad luck?  Since this President assumed office, he has been responsible for a long string of foreign and domestic risks, oversights, failures, and  misjudgments.  Even Americans who remain for him must admit that people from around the world and in a wide range of different societies respond to this President's arrogance in amazingly negative ways.  

His job approval rating was up 6 points today at 68%.  Democrats have to believe that the people who were questioned must have been the Republican pollsters.  George W. Bush... Americans deserve better.  America deserves better.  




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