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Noise To Knowledge Site Dedication

This web site is about a simple concept that represents the universal core to everything we do and are as individuals and as organizations.  People are not just communicators, they are what they communicate.  

As receivers we each take in sensory information from our own contextual universe and connect it to what we know. Our minds know reality from that reception process. As senders we process and distribute our knowledge and we try to do this in context with what others know and understand.  Mankind has the means to improve what we know as knowledge.

From a professional perspective, this site is therefore dedicated to the proposition that understanding this process is wonderful freedom and when properly applied will be the basis of a new 21st century transformation in societies so that they may flourish, better adapt, improve decision making and become more tolerant.

I personally dedicate this body of work in the Arts and Sciences to my wife Julia Sides Follendore without which there would have been no work.   She has often lifted me from despair and has intellectually supported me in obtaining goals that I could never have otherwise reached.   She has brought me beautiful children, Rebecca and David, whom I hope have or will someday come to better understand what exactly it is that I do and why.     


Roy D. Follendore III




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