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By Roy D. Follendore III

Copyright (c) 1999 RDFollendoreIII

All Rights Reserved

One of the problems with cryptography is that it describes itself in a way that resists a change in it's classic definition of purpose.  I believe that cryptography is capable of far more than encryption.  I understand that it is a solution to many different technical communication problems, but not in the classic sense.  I have found that this view is quite different from the typical cryptographer.  For one thing, cryptographers do not see themselves as communications scientists but rather as programmers, engineers, or mathematicians.  

To contrast this perspective, I am academically trained in the Science of Communications and  that has always remained for me the practical and academic discipline of research that I seek to explain and improve.  Although Claud Shannon was one of the Fathers of communication and he did breakthrough research on the mathematical aspects of cryptography, the theories that he expressed were academic.  It is through application of technology and observation that I have been able to come up with concepts that are challenging the nature of cryptography as an engineering discipline. 

I call this particular area of science I work in Cryptocommunications because it is improved personal and organizational communication and not security that is the primary objective.  CryptoCommunications also is a pretty good word because it describes the hidden contextual nature of the communications.  Obviously, the people that study and apply this science, I call Cryptocommunicologists.

Cryptocommunications is all about using artificially intelligent systems with cryptography for  improving  communications performance across political and cultural barriers and boundaries and contexts.  This means that the people that I call Cryptocommunilogisticians  apply cryptography for much more than just security.  In fact, in many cases security may actually be unnecessary but isolation and compartmentation is important.

When cryptographic technology is tightly integrated with the philosophy of Artificial Intelligence, I shall call Intelligent Cryptography and when it is applied to communicate I will call it Intelligent-Cryptocommunications.

Until my work began, cryptography had been considered fundamentally mathematical in its nature. The way that I approached the application of cryptography to communication has changed that.  Mathematical process remain at the heart of the cryptography but the inferential qualities and values of Artificial Intelligence has also been introduced within this heart as well. 

"It has been proposed that aspects of what I have called Cryptocommunications is not something that is entirely a human characteristic. We might enjoy a poem because we enjoy the transposition of meaning with its rhythm and sound. We may even enjoy the act of discovering obscured meanings within well thought out literature like works of Shakespeare. Within symbolic systems there is also both the permutation of the text and a permutation of content meaning to be considered. It is therefore not impossible that all brains are by their very nature oriented toward the appreciation of encoding and decoding transposed, obscured and permuted variations of sensory patterns because the symbolic mechanism for loading and the load of content meaning are forever intrinsically linked by their discriminated relevance to environmental noise.

A philosophical analogy for Cryptocommunications is in order. Those who have some knowledge of textiles, sewing and weaving may understand what I am about to communicate. 

To completely understand a single stitch, one must recognize the importance of turning the cloth over and viewing it from both sides of the same dimension. On one side a stitch may seem perfectly ordered. On the other side you may quickly discover that it is not that way at all. The single thread may be both represented in terms of both order and disorder, depending on the background one chooses. Because that stitch is a symbolic a carrier of meaning it is entirely possible to transpose, obscure and permute the stitch as well as the thread. 

This duality of Cryptocommunications philosophy must not be overlooked, as it obviously has been, particularly within the technical design of telecommunications systems, for when we do overlook such design flaws we are inducing tremendous opportunities for catastrophic failure within our technical architecture. This orthogonal way of thinking about the relationship of security technology is what I have attempted to teach because to do otherwise is to profess one side of a multidimensional problem. In order to arm for impending technological change arising out of a paradigm shift one must first be willing and able to disarm. The essence of blind acceptance with regard to the apparent manifestation of cryptologic design is a path that leads to chaos and our ultimate destruction."         Roy D. Follendore III 2006




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