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Concerning Critical Journalism

By Roy D. Follendore III

Copyright (c) 2001 by RDFollendoreIII

December 10, 2001

I have recently been critical about the way that terrorism is being pursued within the United States.   My criticism isn't founded only upon explicit decisive actions being taken.  It is founded on the way that these actions are being communicated to the American people. I honestly don't feel that Government Public Relations has been done well within this Republican administration.  That lack of communication skill forces people like myself to ask questions related to intention and credibility.    

With respect to the current situation, my criticism  wasn't born because I don't think that the administration has not done a fair job at catching the bad guys of the September 11th terrorism.  My criticism exists because this administration does not do well at assuring Americans that they intend to protect the Constitutional rights and the basic human rights of everyone else.  It is the product of the fact that this administration seems to put a hard-line spin on everything it does and justifies.  

Our elected leaders are caretakers of the greatest trust on the planet, and the reassuring words that should be arising  with that trust are either not being reported or at least not being driven home.  That fact frankly scares me and a lot of people I know.

It should also scare everyone when people in power manipulate or eliminate human rights to make new laws, or take some action, even if and when that action is being done with the best of  intentions.  A healthy dose of mistrust is the essence of good security and skepticism is simply the healthy response to the failure of our American leaders to communicate and govern effectively. 

I am a writer and an independent journalist reporting about the things that I see happening around me and that gives me the right.  I also have every other significant right to be concerned and speak since I am not only a free American, I am an American that voted for this Republican Administration.




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