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Combat Censorship

By Roy D. Follendore III

Copyright (c) by RDFollendoreIII

November 17, 2004

A United States Marine walks into a Mosque, points his gun at a group of wounded prisoners and kills one of them.  The act was caught on tape. That night only part of the tape is shown to the American people. Brutality and death does not sit well with the pot roast at the evening dinner table. After a long day at the office and the two hours of traffic, both parents feel that they have earned their right to ignore the horrors of the world. After voting for the Republicans so that they will keep the nasty terrorists out of the neighborhood, they do not want to see any more than they have to of what they voted for. War is too ugly for decent people.  That is the real reason why they feel so honored to be American. That is why they feel so much respect for their 'boys' over there. They are proud to be an American and that is all that there is to it. The idea of what it is to be an American is to support the majority, to go with the flow, to be one of the 'boys'.  There is a slogan that was often repeated in the 1960's, "Right or wrong we are Americans." 

The censorship of our news media tells us everything that we need to know about what it is to be an American. Our censorship means that we are a people who abhor violence and yet we manufacture and use violence against those whom we oppose. We do not recognize the legitimacy of decent.  We smother ourselves in our stars and stripes when we wrap ourselves up in the psychological protection of our nationalism.  We Americans then use razor blades to cut little holes in the thin veil of our flag so that they can peek out and breathe. We turn loose our dogs of war and let them roam free against our enemies and by their indiscriminate violence create more enemies.  It is as through through combat censorship we have chosen to ride this mortal race in complete darkness, on a blind horse. 

Knowledge of what is happening does not matter. For us the right and wrongs of what happens to those who are declared enemies are biblical questions not everyday human questions. All that matters is that the blood stained dignity of Americans remain protected. The fact that for every innocent life we destroy, we are generating four or five children who will see our American flag as a symbol of oppression is not as important as protecting our conscience is not important.  The fact that wars can not be won by creating more enemies than are destroyed is not particularly important to Americans. Protected within the cocoon of our sprawling suburban neighborhoods it is far more important to shield ourselves, to protect ourselves from the contamination through censorship than to open our eyes to the realities of this chosen nebulous war.

By refusing to demand our witness visual truth, we the American people are blind to the potential of the inevitable atrocities that always occur in war.  Our enemies have elected to see what our society, our government and our news media have restricted us from seeing. We Americans have elected to categorize the recorded combat activities of our military with the shocking appearance of Janet Jackson's nipple during the Super Bowl.  Therein is the tragic perversion in our choice to do this. Through the censorship of combat information the average American citizen chooses to remain unaware of many of the reasons why we are not exactly considered the good guys over there.  Ignorance is not the way that we support our troops. Ignorance is the way that sheep continue to give birth and allow their young to be sent a slaughterhouse.  




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