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At Some Point

By Roy D. Follendore III

Copyright (c) 2004 by RDFollendoreIII


It only seems easier for we Americans to treat the realities of our world as fantasy. The truth is that we are not alone. Our enemies are smart and they too are brave and courageous. They have rights and feelings and choices too, and regardless of what we desire they will be heard. All of this adds up to the simple fact that our American way is not the only way. It is the essential rule of survival of the fittest that the idea of competing solutions is a fundamental and necessary component of survival. Unilateral dominance over other cultures inevitability fails. It is impossible to globally enforce undue American influence and at some point America will have to face the fact that we have chosen leaders who have created a fantasy culture of decision making that is not equipped to understand why imperial "go it alone" decision making is not in the interest of the security of our nation..         

April 15, 2004

Most American citizens are simply witnesses.  We watch the news in Iraq as though it were an Action film on cable television. The boundaries between the realities of our daily lives and the entertaining fictional stories that we listen to are not clear. The news is just another commodity. It isn't real because it isn't tangible. You might say that we have Constitutionally automated our national decision making process. Our citizenship rights to define the boundaries of ethics and foreign policy begin and end at the polling booth. Once that election process has chosen, we step aside and the results once again blend into our fantasy.  How should we choose our witnessed realities from our fantasies? Isn't it better to be entertained than to be frustrated by worries that we really can't do anything about?

Maybe the events leading up to 911 are more important than the attacks.  We American citizens are discovering that the CIA and FBI were never really talking to each other, but anyone of the many tens of thousands of employees within those agencies could have told you that.  We are discovering that our President was not told about critical information because "it was not appropriate."  Pundits of this President may say that hindsight is stronger than foresight, but what they are not willing to say is that history and not the CIA Director is the ultimate judge of appropriateness.  It was not appropriate for this President to put the rank of his office so far above the fray that he becomes just another citizen witness of history. That is not the way that the Office of the President of the United States is supposed to be managed. But while the White House staff may very well be too stiff to recognize the differences between control and calamity, it does not necessarily mean that the problem simply exists within the boundaries of control of the individuals involved. Like the Challenger disaster, it is the culture of the White House management that is also to blame. 

If the chosen Agency Director who is responsible for the center of America's national intelligence is unable or unwilling to communicate with the President then I submit that the failure must lay at the feet of the President himself.  It is the President that is responsible for his staff and their inactions as well as their actions. The failure of the George W. Bush administration to detect and prevent attacks on the United States extends to the overreaction, misguided and misplaced decisons that has brought Americans into a unilateral invasion and stalemate at the other side of the earth. The criticism of the autonomous foreign policies of this this Presidency extends to the heart of the decision making process within the Oval Office of the White House.  

At some point Americans must take responsibility for the actions of the elected leaders of our country.  The fact is that George W. Bush will be seen by history as our most near sighted President and the citizens who continue to support his political party in spite of the constantly streaming failures from this Presidency must be considered accordingly.   At some point before November we voters need to wake up and realize that there is a blind man at the helm of our country.





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