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By Roy D. Follendore III

Copyright (c) by RDFollendoreIII


January 12, 2005

With respect to Arts and Sciences, everyone probably has heard about the analytical and creative hemispheres of the brain but the reality is that the concept actually goes further than that.  One side of the human mind primarily deals with the ‘why’ reasoning of things and the other side deals primarily with the ‘how.’  When you begin to ponder this, analytical reasoning is primarily obligated and anchored to the justification of ‘how’ a solution has been derived.  In a sense, ‘how’ is mathematically encapsulated with respect to the infrastructure of thinking.  (How 100?; 100 explicitly becomes the logical result of the cardinal expression of 0 through 99 and 101 through infinity.) Logic is a a mathematical package. Creative reasoning is simply obligated to justifying to the underlying question of ‘why.’  The question of ‘why’ does not require a traceable infrastructure for problem solving. The question of “Why’ can be disconnected from logic without the requirement for further justification. (Why 100?, partly because of the same reason that the number line exists; it was necessary to understand the nature of logic; Why?; partly because it is in our nature to create through logic.) (Why 100?; Because I say so is just as valid.)  Logic depends on logic. Man’s logical nature is interdependent with man’s creative nature because the ultimate primitive question for logic is ‘Why logic?’ and the ultimate primitive question for creativity is ‘How creative?’) 

If you have managed to follow this line of reasoning, I put this question to you: Can logical orientation to images be the basis of the arguments that we hear about ‘purity’ of photography? No one is asking that logic be minimized from photography, but photographic ‘purists’ seem to be asking for the limitation and containment of creative photographic expression.  



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