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Note:  These poems are part of my Mother's work in expressing herself in her book she called Angel Wings.  In hopes that it will comfort others I will be adding the full version of Angel Wings over time... 

Roy Follendore III


Angel Wings

Poetry of Faith

By Ruth Maxine Henry

Dedicated to my daughter Dr. Barbara J. Arrington with loads of love for the help you have given me.  Ruth Maxine Henry



Ruth Maxine Henry wrote of her faith and her love in the rhythms and honest simplicity of the people.  The energy and forthright tone throughout her poetry reveal the personality of one who met life up-front, one who confronted and engaged life and didn't back down. In the same style, she confronted and engaged the reader, who cannot fail to recognize her dramatic transformation and her faith.

While Maxine's poetry retained the traditional values, religious sayings, and sounds of the spoken word, a surprising subtlety weaves in and out, like a bright golden thread---which was one of her favorite metaphors.  Angel wings forms a mystical cloud, enveloping one whom her Lord called Little Sister.  People, who gather as one to pray At the Close of the Day, go on to march to separate drums the next morning.

And so, her writing proceeded like her life, into which the miracles intruded without warning or explanation. Everything is expressed here, not because it is rational or irrational, but because it was real to her---no apologies, no false explanations.  This basic honesty laced with an undeniable love for people carried her testimony with all the force of her dynamic personality.

I recommend this book of faith and lover to the reader, not because Maxine was my mother, not even because I saw first hand the unquestionable miracle of her transformation, but because of the uplifting messages within these pages.  Those who already agree with the basic tenets of these beliefs have in store a happy recognition: the startling and unmistakable sound of soul speaking within everyday scenes.  Those who have yet to envision such micacle will glimpse from the periphery the forces of inner life, peaking in and out, sounding for all the world like a mother, grandmother, and great grandmother who simply loves and shares openly what she has learned.

Dr. Barbara J. Arrington

Christmas 1990


Internet Edition Edited by Roy D. Follendore III




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