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Americans Are Against War

A short essay on the reasons why you are wrong if you believe that Americans really want war.

By Roy D. Follendore III

Copyright (c) 2003 by RDFollendoreIII

March 15, 2003

One might think that most Americans want this war.  This is not true.  The majority of Americans do not want war, nor did we elect this President to make this war.  Those that understand the true nature of war do not want war.  Those that do not understand the nature of war want something else but call it war. There are Americans that want to eliminate  Dictators.  There are Americans that want to eliminate the potential of future terrorism.  There are Americans that simply want the price of gasoline and heating oil to go down.  There are Americans that want the economy to improve and the stock prices to go back up.  And there are even Americans that want to make money for their bank accounts from this conflict.  But there are few Americans that want what war truly brings if they know the nature of war.

Participation by America in war represents a failure by America.  War means that our elected leaders have failed its citizens.  War means that America has not been able to otherwise demonstrate our international influence.  War means that our Congress is willing to sacrifice lives of Mother's children for the failure that they refuse to acknowledge.  War means that our leaders are willing to ask those who are honor and duty bound to obey and to risk everything that their leaders are not willing or able to risk.  War is not glorious, it is disastrous and brutal.  War is not profound, it is profane.  War is not sane, it is insane.   War is more the murder of the innocent than the execution of the enemy.  War is not clean, it is filthy rotten flesh, a disease and a vacuum of fear.  War is the use and acceptance of inhumanity as a means to an end. By its nature, war is a failure of everything that is our American potential. 

The wounded of war always include the silent majority whose wounds can not be seen. Those who die in war are not remembered for what they were or could have been, but they are forever remembered for the fact that they died too soon.  Those too dreadfully physically damaged are kept forever hidden from public sight so that they will not remind others of the failure of war. The soldiers who live do not remember their heroism, they only recall that others died in their place.  Those soldiers who make it back whole come to understand the futility of their sacrifice and they are not willing to talk about what they have witnessed.  They become angered and embittered by the brutality, and the inhumanity of what they have witnessed, and their soul is hardened by the their participation.  Neither the losers nor the winners of those who know war desire to be paraded for it.  For the soldier returning home from war, the only victory is their ability to forget.

It is true that for a capable national defense, America must be forever ready to endure all of these terrible things. But on this day, as the American people wait for our men and women in uniform to be ordered into battle against the wishes of the majority in the United Nations the majority of us do not want this war.  We Americans have allowed our President and our Congress to lead us into the path of this war without allied support and our President has lead us on this path in spite of World opinion. This is our American tragedy in the face of all other international alternatives.  Iraq may be lead by evil men but because of this, both America and Iraq must forever carry equally their own heavy burdens. In war there is ultimately no victory for the defeated or the victorious.  But in this war there has been far too much to lose and far too little to gain. 

One might think that Americans want this war.  This is not true.  The majority of Americans do not want war.  The American people have just not been heard.    




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