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By Roy D. Follendore III



By Roy D. Follendore III


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Those distant shores
from which we once came
gives us no special rights
to hear mans calls of freedom
or that of natures immortal screams.

There is only our humanity, our American humility.

We were given no special codes or emblems
from which to be so privileged
to dictate the nature of our allies or qualities of our enemies.

We Americans are naked in this universe;
This is why we are so dangerous.

We were then, as we are now the blunted toes of our function
serving without much complaint to the higher ordered minds of others among us.

Yet each American must bare the weight of our individual thoughts and choices,
even where our own higher ordered expectations may ignore us
until we redden and swell and scream
until others finally choose to placate our essential needs.

Still others only listen to strength.

Where we coexist as American people we do so with mixed blessings
and often isolated with unmet expectations.

It is no wonder that our natural polish diminishes with familiarity.

We are a place where our politicians try to lead us through vulgar damp tongues,
tongues which pass through plastic images.

And so we do our best to try to accept those images as our truths.

Others may try to make us believe that we are different than they,
or that we should use our labor to manufacture weapons of our own mass destruction.

We often condemn others for what we must then do.

But there is also our promise that God is American
and our expectations that our moral vanities can replace our sons and our daughters.

Perhaps we call our children heroes so that America may threaten the world with our new thoughts

and expect no response.



Copyright (c) 2001-2007 RDFollendoreIII All Rights Reserved